The Emcee, the Artist, the Chef, and the DJ

14 03 2012

FORMED A BAND and sang.

DJ Raoul's "Cajon" (Box Drum)

I was initially keen on doing my own take on Nina’s version of Shanice’s original “Fall For You,” but just like having my own record producer, I was told by DJ Raoul to do my version of Boyce Avenue’s version of Adele’s Grammy Award-winning original song “Rolling In The Deep” instead.  It’s current.  It has recall.  People may actually know the song unlike my artistic or “emotional” choice.

I had less than a week to learn the song.  So that meant having the mp3 on heavy rotation on my Blackberry Bold 9780 and having a couple of pocket rehearsals – first with Nathan (the Chef) and Raoul (the DJ), then with us and Terence (the Artist).  At one point of the rehearsal, I told them that I was doing it on “half-voice,” which was actually my way of saying that the prospect of singing live in front of hundreds was scaring the hell out of me.  To my half-voice remark, The DJ said it was the right approach as I needed to preserve it for the actual performance.  When he sensed the nerves really creeping right through me, he stood up from his “cajon” (or box drum, a type of percussion) and sang the whole thing, telling me how to do it.  I lost my nerves soon after.

This was the first of only two rehearsals.


The Emcee and the Chef


The DJ and the Emcee


The DJ and his box drum

That’s the thing about having these three as some of the closest friends I’ve ever made – they help nurture the best things that I like about myself, which in this case, was my illusion about being a singer.  Haha!

Initially, they called our act “eNTeNG and the Band.”  After our performance, it became “eNTeNG’s Band.”  I have to say, to borrow a line from the song, “We could’ve had it all…” and I think we did.  Haha!

On the way to the rehearsal, I introduced the DJ to one of my new favorites, Xing Hua Family Restaurant.


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