Thai and the City

31 03 2012

eNTeNG and the Royal Couple

“DINNER IS at the other end of Singapore.”

When I first moved in to Singapore, everytime I would text home about my dinner destination being at the “other end” of the island – I do report to them several times a day (haha!) – I would get a text back, “Isn’t that far?”

So imagine my excitement when one of my Malaysian friends brought me to his favorite Thai place in Bishan and finally, for the first time, I could say, “Dinner is finally in the heart of the Lion City.”

Mata Thai, Block 508, Bishan Street 11, #01-390, Singapore


Mata Thai's stark interiors

The first thing that stuck me about Mata Thai, just about less than a five-minute walk from the interchange, was how simple and casual the place looks.  If it were not for the portrait of the Thai royal couple that hangs at the far wall, and the relief artwork that doubles as their signage by the entrance, I would’ve chalked them up as just one of those holes-in-the-wall.  But I do happen to have faith in my new friend.

You should just hear him speak about the place’s signature dish, the Thai Fish Head Curry.

“Do you want to try our Thai fish head curry?  It is good,” the obviously ever-smiling, ebullient wait staff barely let the word “good” out when I just had to raise my head from perusing their starkly simple menu and greet her smile with my sheepish own.  “Of course, we are having it.”

Thai Fish Head Curry

That, and Stir-fried Baby Kailan, and a pot of Tom Yam Goong (Thai hot and sour soup with prawns).  The fish head curry cocoons subtle hints of the tom yam and helped tie the dinner’s flavors together.  The layers of tastes provided by the curry, the fresh coriander, and the kaffir lime leaves, mirrored the layers of textures that came from the soft white fish, and the crisp okra and string beans.

Stir-fried Baby Kailan


Tom Yam Goong


The tom yam goong comes served in a terra cotta pot.

The meal tasted authentic enough that at some points I felt like I needed a passport to be enjoying a simple but tremendously delicious Thai meal.  But I would look over my shoulder, out to the families and groups of friends enjoying a similar festive spread as mine and I knew I was right where I needed to be – in the heart of Singapore.

I don't know if this comes across as someone watching the chefs in the kitchen intently. I think this looks more like a "lost" look. Haha!


"eNTeNG, look here. Smile."


Once more, with the Royal Couple.

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One response

31 03 2012
Kean Lim

I like Mata Thai and the food a lot! It is not really expensive for the food quality being served.
Having a dinner there after work is certainly enjoyable and makes our day completely fruitful! ^_^


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