High on claypot

3 04 2012

Claypot Chicken Rice, at a Chinatown Hawker Center, Singapore

HERE AGAIN is the thing about my love, the Tomato Noodle Soup.  It doesn’t get jealous even when my palate has wandered.  Really wandered.  To the point of obsessing over something as simple as Claypot Chicken Rice.

The same Malaysian who brought me to Mata Thai in Bishan brought DJ Raoul, Yu Chen, and myself to this unassuming stall at the hawker center in Chinatown.  I say this one is “unassuming” but don’t they all feel unassuming to a fault?   They do, though they’re never skeptical about the value and the charming nuances of the food they dish out, hot off the fire, all for the price of a few pieces of metal that jiggle in my pocket.

The current object of my obsessive affection is rice cooked in a claypot together with tender morsels of flavorful chicken, slivers of Chinese sausage, and crisp leafy greens, spiked with bits and pieces of dried salted fish.  Everything is then doused, liberally at will, with this deep dark sauce and splashes of vegetable oil.  The image in my head is of something rustic and artisanal, yet the flavor in my tongue is of decadence – with only the leafy greens as my redemption.  Please don’t tell me the “vegetable oil” is actually chicken fat!

The DJ gets ready to whip up some culinary goodness.


Listening intently to some of Yu Chen's tips as he starts to pour the sauce.


Almost there...




They said this was good for two. I say, it depends. Haha!

I’ve been having this almost everyday now, washing it down with a tall tall T-A-L-L glass of freshly pressed sugar cane juice.  At the hawker center across the street from where I work, I found one stall that actually mixes everything up for me.  All I that is left for me to do is patiently wait, dig my chopsticks in and revel in the tempestuous satiation of a burning desire.

Well, until a new obsession comes along.

This one is from the market across the office. I always ask for "more veggies, more dried fish... more of everything." (All photos taken with my Blackberry Bold 9780)

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