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14 04 2012

TO HAVE a “happy place”, here in Singapore, is quite important.  It’s that one place you can go to for a much-needed respite from the daily grind of work.  It’s that one place you can go to to drown out the maddening crowd.  Or simply, true to the name I’ve been calling it; it’s that one place that can make you happy.

(Not that your sole happiness will depend on it.  I just have to get that out there because as I write this, I could hear my good friend DJ Raoul’s voice ringing in my head, “eNTeNG, you don’t have to depend on others for your happiness.  You have a lot to be happy about being yourself.”  Haha!)

For the longest time, my closest friends have known that my proverbial happy place has been ION Orchard, where I’d ogle at timepieces I couldn’t afford until my eyeballs pop out of their sockets.

Lately, it’s been IKEA.  The title alone of my previous post gives my emotion away, “IKEA is the love.”

The one thing I’ve learned about making trips to IKEA is that I have to go there armed with a list.  Clutching the list in one hand, I would almost always find myself thumping my chest with the other (hand) as I remind myself of my personal injunction, “Stick to the list!”

Well, that’s kind of hard to do.  You see, while others could get lost and feel their spirits rise by looking deep into someone else’s eyes, I get that high while staring at kitchen implements that are so affordable as evidenced by their price tags, while so chic for having hard-to-pronounce designer names associated with them.

Always, a debate would ensue in my head as I fixed the objects of my affection with a deep, almost longing stare while I weigh in the merits of the dilemma at hand, “The colander at S$ 13.90, or the strainer at S$ 12.90?”

I heart IKEA.

I can hear the ticking of a clock from a mile away. Haha! These are in stainless steel, not just steel finish.

I really have a thing for anything that goes ticktock.

Study table and single-column shelving, both in black. Back home in the Philippines, my study table is still the one that was a hand-me-down from my eldest brother.

This has a very country feel to me. I'd love to have this outdoor shelving for back home in the Philippines.

A chest of three drawers, in red. I want this.

"Mirror, mirror..." ...Make that, mirrors!

I know someone who would love this black room.

I would love to have one wall in my room converted to a floor-to-ceiling mirror.

My Mama may not like the design, but she will like that it's pink.

I call this the White Room.

I call this lighting fixture the Daisy Chandelier.

Getting up close. I love the intricate details of this piece. It reminded me of a challenge on "Top Design" wherein the contestants had to make interiors that revolve around and showcase key pieces from the Swarovski Crystal Chandelier Collection.

I moved even closer and suddenly, it was Christmas.

This white wardrobe is nice!

I love the contrast of the red throw pillows against the pristine white one-seater at the back.

This bedroom has a very country, Cath Kidston kind of look. I think Daphne Oseña Paez will approve.

I wear stuff for sentimental reasons. I wear only those that mean something to me.

A white screen. I saw this and got reminded of all those film noir movies that Batman gave me DVDs of.

Clothes racks. So many to choose from! The ultimate consideration? While these are packed flat, disassembled actually, weight and size are considerations for the transport back. Haha!

I want this newspaper rack. If I could only have it on the wall of any living space I occupy, wherever I may be.

I didn't bother to turn the tag and read the fine print. But I touched this and it had the feel of stainless steel to me.

This is a miniature set meant to encourage kids to develop love or skills for culinary arts. During my time, I didn't need these. I was cooking full meals by the time I was 10.

I could stay in this section for hours and wouldn't mind. Haha!

You can never go wrong with pristine white service!

Parang SM Bonus lang! (As if it's just SM Bonus! / Has the feel of SM Bonus!... "Bonus" is the house brand of the Philippines's biggest department store and supermarket chain, SM.)

Last year, I got this for one of my closest friends, who happens to have that as a nickname.

Enter the Dragon!... My youngest brother is a dragon. So I'm definitely getting this for him and his family.

What I would've given to have had a burner and fresh produce to cook that very moment!

The colander of my dreams! Haha!

Grate it to me gently...

Take your pick of your weapon of culinary distinction.

Colorful cupcake liners. Of course, Sonja Ocampo came to mind! I think these will make perfect presents for her.

Color and the element of time. Two of my faves in one product. Nice.

Sealing clips. I got some of these as a present in the past. From my brother. He knew I wouldn't throw away a crumb from the bottom of a bag. So I needed clips!

This steamer insert fits perfectly on to a pot I already have. So naturally, I snapped it up! For what do I have this hankering for a steamer? I want steamed, soft "Kopitiam" white bread on to which I will slather dollops of ice-cold LURPAK butter that will just melt and slide down the sides. Yum!

Yes, the bathroom could get very busy.

So lovin' this red wall.

The first time I saw this, I had to do a double take. I thought it said, "How to create your own SELF." Hahaha!

I hoarded these hangers the first time I saw them!

Yey! Finally, the clothes hangers of my dreams!

4 pieces for S$ 1.00!?!?!? Gotts love that! I HOARDED! Hahaha!

Sea of lights! It's the lighting section!

Has anybody ever gotten crazy just looking at ceiling lamps? I felt like I did. Haha!

Any one of these can add a splash of color in monochromatic interiors.

Just in case anybody forgets it is the Year of the Dragon!

I saw this and realized that I should've gotten this for the Year of the Dragon event we had in the office over a month back. Oh well...

I find paper lamps like these not only very Japanese-inspired, but also, more specifically, Zen-like in design. I first laid eyes on one of these in a garage sale in the States. I snapped up all the lamps laid out, and to this day, still have all of those. My favorite happens to be a table paper lamp that now has an off-white look to it.

Flower bowls! If I remember correctly, these are available in either plastic or steel. They're pretty but I don't think I'd put one on my dining table.

It's the self-serve furniture area! Yey!

This section NEVER fails to overwhelm me! It has the feel of Costco, or Sam's Club.

The BILLY Bookcase! (The name of the person I work with on my new project happens to be... Billy!)

I'm lovin' the look of these black and white side tables. I actually went nuts thinking I should get them just to pile them up at home. Haha!

The even shelves

The odd shelves

Follow your road... to check-out. Haha!

This wall panel caught my eye from a distance.

Up close, this wall panel kept my attention! It was so damn lovely that I wanted to take it home with me that very second.

IKEA Family. Of course, I applied!

After getting my membership upgraded, I went to the wrapping station to secure my stuff. I did get some bulky items and I challenged myself that if I'd wrap them well, I could take the bus instead of the cab. Ha!

I knew I needed these! And this is one thing I love about IKEA!

When you pay for the extra fittings, you're actually making a donation to a good cause. Ain't that nice!

I got this much!

After the check-out, you can choose to make a quick stop for snacks at this fastfood section. Again, this reminds me of Costco.

Just the essentials...

This is how easy it is to shop at IKEA.

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