Soccer but only on my feet

15 04 2012

My current pair of Adidas Samba, happy to finally be on familiar ground, the soccer field.

THESE SHOES are so popular that they have transcended the indoor soccer training courts and have crossed over to fashion.  They actually found their way to my feet in 2003, much thanks to the influence of my then acquaintance, now really great friend, the Michael J. Fisher.

Last week, my current pair, the most popular color scheme in black with three stripes in white, must’ve thanked its lucky stars that I’ve finally brought it to familiar territory – the soccer field at the complex on St. Georges Road near the office.  It was my colleagues’ practice in preparation for our company’s Annual Soccer Carnival happening very early today.

I wish I knew how to play.  I guess I will have to take lessons under one of my good friends Kelvin or Wee Sern.

But for now, my affinity to the sport will be limited to the Adidas Samba on my feet.

My first ever pair in 2003 was in this color scheme. Navy blue with white stripes. I've had Adidas Samba in various other color combo iterations.


A view of the soccer field, captured on my Blackberry Bold 9780.


Those are my colleagues and friends playing soccer in the background. I shall forever remain to be the ultimate supporter!


I found these Adidas books at one bookstore that has since closed shop here in Singapore. It is a "brand" book and talks about history, collections, and, oh yeah, the complete collections!


One of the Adidas books has my great friend Michael's name written all over it. It shall find its way to him halfway around the world. The Louis Vuitton is an extensive and voluminous catalogue that the sales associate gave me the last time I was at their ION Orchard store.


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