Bend it like Team PE

16 04 2012

Adidas StarLancer Soccer Ball, on the soccer field at St. Wilfrid Sports Complex, St. George's Road, Singapore, 15 April 2012

SPORTS BUILDS character.  It encourages the quest for personal excellence, nurtures one’s talents, and allows one to develop an appreciation for teamwork towards a common goal.  In a game of sports, one who has trained hard, persevered, and is never afraid to dream with his team, wins.  The game of life is not so different.

Team PE!


Some of the members of Team PE include Wee Hee, Bryan, Suan Bin, Nick Chee, Timothy, Wee Sern and Shuai.


Finally, Kelvin made it to the group shot!


Kelvin is fifth from the left.

That is why I have the utmost respect and admiration for those who do excel in sports.  And in the case of these guys I just watched today – who all donned jerseys that brought to mind the home colours of Manchester City F.C. – I couldn’t help but be in awe.  I kept reminding myself that most of them, if not all, are colleagues I look up to at work.  They come from a group whose value to the organization is undeniable technical expertise in their field.

And today, I got to see them bend it like Beckham.  I cheered them on, while silently, a part of me wanted to scratch my head, look up in the great blue sky – Mother Nature cooperated! – and wonder, “Why am I not as good as these people?!”

Or, not as well-rounded.  That’s yet another thing that sports gives to a person – many wonderful, amazing sides, quite a number of enviable facets.

And undoubtedly, a maturity to see past penalty kicks.  Celebrate the camaraderie.  Celebrate one another.

Congratulations, Team PE!  You didn’t make me want to bend it like Beckham.  You made me want to bend it like you.

This is also a team from our group!


In Action: Wee Hee


Surveying the scene and strategizing: Kelvin


Wee Sern, the goalkeeper!


Team PE protects the goal then charges!


Suan Bin makes this goal!


Timothy makes one too!


Shuai makes an attempt too!


Yong Run


Shuai, in between matches.


Nick Chee


Suan Bin


Nick Chee


Kelvin is down! (His minutes in the field were so action-packed, I would call him Action King, Kelvin!)


A minute at the sidelines: Suan Bin, Shuai, and Bryan.


Timothy makes a go for it!


Kelvin does too!


Suan Bin sees an opening!


Wee Hee swooshes past the red shirts!


This yellow cone marks the spot.


A field of dreams


Timothy, Bryan, Shuai


Suan Bin, Wee Sern, Wee Hee




Orange cone marks another spot.


It's the final match!


Go Team PE!


A corner kick from Suan Bin!


Blue and red trying to win the ball


Getting ready for their medals!


Good job, guys! Congratulations!


eNTeNG with good friend Wee Sern


eNTeNG with good friends Wee Sern and Kelvin


eNTeNG with hawker center buddy and good friend, Yong Run, and of course, Kelvin!


eNTeNG with good friend, Rohit! Their team copped the championship. Happy for them too.


With the lovely Karen who emceed the event.


Again, C-O-N-G-R-A-T-U-L-A-T-I-O-N-S to Team PE! I'm so proud of you guys!!!


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2 responses

16 04 2012

NIce pictures =)


16 04 2012

Beautiful shots from the beautiful sport. One of the reasons I really love football is that the moment you step over the white line onto the field, you leave behind all the worldly torments and spend the rest of your time in sheer bliss until the final whistle.

Many of them are great colleagues who have impressed me with their technical proficiency at work, but yesterday they played brilliantly. It is unfortunate that they couldn’t win, but being runner-up isn’t bad considering the tough opponents they had to face en route to the finals. While being a part of the winning team was great, I was really impressed with the standard of football played. All in all I enjoyed myself (except for the injuries though, ;-))

I had a great time yesterday and seeing you on the field was a pleasant surprise. Thanks for dropping by to say hi and thanks for the pictures.


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