The Artist

20 04 2012

THIS POST is not about Jean Dujardin.  Though he was my bet for Best Actor at this year’s Oscars.  And he won.

I’ve always believed that we should surround ourselves with people who help bring out the best in us.  These are the kind of people who help nurture the best things that we like about ourselves.  And oftentimes, those who manage to do just that are actually those we silently aspire to be.

I found three of them here in Singapore.  Well, actually, when I really think about it, it is more like I “re-discovered” them here in the Lion City.  They’ve always been friends from way back.  But we just move around in very different circles.

Being here in Singapore really brought us together.  They all even agreed to back me up on this song number that I did at a program at work.  I mean, instead of shooting down my idea, all I heard was something like, “Okay, eNTeNG, if you want to sing, I’ll play the box drum.  Nathan and Tenz can play the guitars.  You can do ‘Rolling in the Deep’.”

One of the guitarists, Tenz, is who I call as The Artist in this group.

So before he even contemplates about charging an arm and a leg for his work, I wanted to make sure he renders my likeness onto my medium of choice.  Which, on the first opportune time – right after a marathon meeting – was a page on my work notebook.  I nudged him to doodle.  And I made sure he autographed his work.  Haha!

eNTeNG, a sketch by Tenz

Soon after, toying with my delusions of privilege, I “commissioned” him to make me a couple more.  I would look at all three from time to time and realize that my friend Tenz was able to capture my ever-evolving hairstyle and my growing collection of spectacles that are the extension of the many personalities that make me up.

eNTeNG, The Host, artwork by Tenz


The Artist calls the newest one as "New Hairstyle" eNTeNG!

I love these so much that they now occupy their rightful place on my office wall.  I can’t wait to see what The Artist can do with color.

One of his influences on me is this pair of shoes, which, when I saw on his feet, I just got to have!


I was already back home when I got to really pay attention to what was on the pair I got: "You never truly know someone until you have walked a mile in his shoes." 'Nuf said!


My really good friend, Tenz.


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