Arrivederci, Kiddo!

28 04 2012

I WAS once a young, impressionable new hire myself, just fresh out of college.  It’s been eons, but up to this day, I vividly remember all of those who made me feel so welcome, and those who have helped me become who I am.  So whenever I meet someone new at work, I try to pay forward all that I have been so blessed with all these years.

eNTeNG, Kia Leh, Kwang Fook, and Kuya Mike

Kia Leh, who I fondly call as “Kiddo”, is off to her first assignment abroad, where the canned San Marzano tomatoes originate and are so good, any mislabeling or misbranding of lesser variants could get you into serious trouble with the Carabinieri.

While I know that her inquisitive and persevering nature will see her through this assignment, the fact that soccer – no, make that “calcio” – is this country’s most popular sport, will help take care of keeping her entertained and less homesick.  Fresh from her team’s victory in last week’s soccer carnival, she couldn’t be in any better, more fitting place, than there where the national football team has won the FIFA World Cup four times.

We can only be too happy she’s off to this place.  She promised to take photos of soccer games from a vantage point so close that beads of perspiration from the star players would put her camera’s – or, iPhone’s – water resistance to the test.

Kiddo, you already know that Yong Run, Kwang Fook, and Kuya Mike will miss you, but I think it bears repeating here.  Haha!  And of course, I will miss you.  I mean, who am I kidding?  Haha!  I will be so sad.

Dear Kiddo...


I've always believed that travel affords us the chance to experience all this creation in a new place.


We will miss you, Kiddo!


Just a little something...


I know Kuya Mike's sendoff present is in the other paper bag. I hope you liked our little gifts.


Kuya Mike, Kia Leh, Kwang Fook, and eNTeNG


Let's try that one more time: Kuya Mike, Kia Leh, Kwang Fook, and eNTeNG. Kuya Mike, thanks for the Starbucks!

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3 responses

28 04 2012

Thanks a lot. I am very happy today because i am overwhelming with advices from derrick, you, edu, and mike. Haha… Have a nice night out with our cubical mates. Enjoy having the times with all of u and i definitely will miss taking breakfast, coffee, lunch, coffe, tea break and dinner with you. Miss ya =)


29 04 2012

Adios. Have a nice and safe trip.


29 04 2012

Last Picture is interesting – Magic Mirror in action
Mirror mirror on the wall,who is the COOLest of us all…..?


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