The Chef

2 05 2012

My friend, Nathan, The Chef

I WANT to be a DJ.  I want to be an artist.  I want to be a chef.  These are three things I dream to be.  And I never really realize just how very far away I am from these aspirations than when I stand right next to the three guys who embody these to me.

My good friend Nathan is The Chef in this triumvirate.

I love how this image captured perfectly the flambe. It has a very Year of the Dragon feel to it. Haha!

I have so much respect and admiration for those who learned how to cook while pulling from their moms’ apron strings, or standing from a chair and looking over the pot, getting a facial in the process.  That was how I learned to cook, whipping up full meals by the age of 10.  But equally admirable, if not more so, are those who spent time perfecting this craft through getting the education for it.

Nathan finished culinary studies at the Center for Culinary Arts Manila, arguably the Philippines’ foremost culinary school.  It actually is the pioneer in this field in my country.  He later went on to be a chef at some of the more hip and happening places at The Fort.  As a habitué of these haunts during my younger days, I can vouch for the topnotch caliber required of anybody who would even consider being on the line in these places’ kitchens.

Nowadays, Nathan blesses his own family and his closest friends with the gifts of his edible works of art.  And judging by how drool-worthy sumptuous-looking his creations are when captured in still, he is quite the photography enthusiast himself.

Sinigang na Tyan ng Bangus (milkfish belly in a broth soured with tamarind, with fresh vegetables)

Sinigang na Sugpo (prawns in a broth soured with tamarind, with fresh vegetables)

Sizzling Squid (I think!)

Noodles (Pancit Canton?)

Pinakbet (fresh vegetables stewed in fermented shrimp paste)

Sisig (a truly exotic Filipino delicacy of finely diced pig's ears and cheeks, seasoned with calamansi and chillies, served sizzling)

Tokwa't Baboy (Crisp-fried beancurd cubes with boiled-tender pig's ears and cheeks... again!)

Blueberry pancakes so perfect for breakfast yet styled here so fabulously smashing enough for dessert!

Up in the sky!!! It's a bird. It's a plane. It's... See, The Chef is also a photographer.

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3 responses

2 05 2012

Truly you never cease to amaze me.. so delightful to see my name in your blog:) I always enjoy reading Enteng’s munchtime specially the “foodie” corner stuffs. I should call u “ENTENGtainer” and thats ENTENGtainment for me!


6 05 2012

wao…. nathan that is really very nice, yummy =)


30 05 2012

Excellent post!

Nathan is remarkably one of the coolest people I know. His shy demeanor hides the multi-talented personality underneath. I don’t know any other person who is an engineer, a chef (a terrific one), a musician (an awesome guitarist) and a photographer all rolled into one. His reputation as a chef is legendary among those who were fortunate enough to have tasted his dishes. His photography and music speak for themselves. In addition to all this, he is a very responsible engineer who has quickly scaled the reputation charts. All this and he is a dedicated father and a loving husband. Did I forget his good looks?

I am glad I know him and lucky to share a cubicle with him at work.
Nathan DeGula = Renaissance Man!

Once again, great post.


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