You can curry love

8 05 2012

Pretty strong words on a first time – “seductive” photos. Clearly, the art of seduction in my book involves gastronomic pleasures foremost.

AND APPARENTLY, you don’t really have to wait.  I know I’m making it sound like love does come easy – no fussing over that give and take thing.  But in the case of my latest personal find, it was.  I was in and out the door in about 20 minutes.

All it took was looking up the very moment I stepped out of a long afternoon at 313@somerset.  As if breathing life to the motto of this university I passed by everyday on my way to mine – “Look up, young man, look up!” – there is reward to reap when you, sort of, aim high.  No matter how actually serendipitous this particular one is.  And, how literally “high” the aim was – the billboard of CoCo ICHIBANYA Curry House on the wall just right outside ZARA.

You know how very capable I am to wax lyrical, poetic, romantic, and if needed, nostalgic, about my gastronomic adventures.  But for this one, I will let the photos do most of the talking.  As you will see, I love filling out feedback forms.  Haha!

I can curry love.  I don’t have to wait.  And I’ve actually gone back and back and back.

A line that came to me while filling out his feedback form inspired the title of this blog post. “You can curry love!” Haha!

I love how restaurants of Japanese provenance have this display of their menu in some kind of plastic material. Close to the real things.

The image of the dish that got my heart racing and my feet racing back inside 313@somerset. Something about paper-thin slices of meat and julienned white onions smothered in dark sauce. Hmmm…

This is the House of Curry, not the House of Chanel. Haha!

CoCo ICHIBANYA is the House of Japanese Curry.

It’s practically all over Asia… except where I come from. Hahaha!

I loved it that their menu has a step-by-step guide on how to place an order. I thought to myself, less chances for me to look like a stupid newbie. But alas, there’s a part where I could demand how much rice I want. And when faced with the possibility of gorging all the rice I could, I turn crazy and stupid.

I’ve barely finished snapping phots of the menu and the surroundings when this makes it to the table. It’s now a current obssession.

On my next visit, which was on the very next evening (haha!), I had the extra rice served separately. I have to say, whoever makes the rice at CoCo ICHIBANYA at 313@somerset can charge for a class on it and I would show up and pay the tuition. This is just perfectly cooked Japanese rice. The BEST.

I went for the “+2 Items” option and that meant getting this mini-salad as a side. On my first night there, it came dressed in what I could surmise to be an almost-light balsamic glaze.

The second time around, it came in what I thought was a raspberry cream vinaigrette. My only complaint about the salads? They’re really mini. Haha! I ate them in a glacial pace, almost as if rationing out each piece with dramatic effect, wondering if the last bite would be a kernel of corn or a shard of ice-cold crisp greens.

When the drink came and the wait staff was putting down this iced tea on my table, my knee-jerk reaction was to (overly) enunciate my order – “Iced M-I-L-K tea”. I know, it sounds pathetic, more so if you’d know that furrowing of the brows and pursing of the lips could’ve been involved. I was impressed that the lady just smiled back before making me realize my own stupidity when she laid down these two miniature, almost demitasse-like cups – one for sugar syrup… and one for milk! Haha! I got initiated.


I can never be around a mirror and not snap a shot! Eyebags (haha!) and all.

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One response

10 06 2012
Alexis Araneta

I do love the creative answers you put are! I think I’ll do that next restaurant review/rate sheet I get! Hahaha!


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