Cesare and Kiddo would approve

15 05 2012

WITH AN armful of items so cheap it felt like I was getting them for a steal – yes, not just a “bargain” – my eyes radar-locked on something that I have long lusted after.  The dilation of my pupils was warranted, as I approached what caught my eye.  It has been a long four-year wait.

The Adidas UEFA Euro 2008 Italy shirt

There it was, the Adidas UEFA Euro 2008 Italy shirt in the appropriate shade of azure blue.  I first got the matching laptop bag a quadrennial back.  But where I did so in the Philippines, the entire range of the merchandise wasn’t available.

The laptop bag

It took all this time, in a different place.  And right ‘round Kiddo’s departure for Agrate and the English Premier League season’s conclusion.

“Here’s looking at you, kid.” …A snap of me wearing the shirt for the first time. (Photo taken by Shan Shan with her iPhone.)

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