Turning Japanese I really think so

16 05 2012

IN ONE of my most favorite films, “Up in the Air,” the protagonist Ryan Bingham said that this is one warm reminder he was home.  To me, it is a warm reminder that I have just again made it to the last trip on Singapore’s Purple Line and that I was again within the confines of the frigid, refrigerated section of Fair Price Xtra, staring at marked down sushi sets.  Ryan calls them cheap.  I call them discounted.

All the pretty sushi, laid out in rows.


They may look identical, but surprisingly, I do spend time finding that perfect pack. Haha!

If I would be quite fortunate, I would still have plenty to choose from.  Trust me, there were days that there would be only a couple remaining, looking like they were tossed over far too many times, as if the fish needed to be killed a thousand times more.

A set of twelve! It takes me quite some time to finish this off. Not becuase I would be consumed with my reading material of choice. But because I didn’t want the pleasure to end. With sushi, you can eat as slowly as you want, savoring each bite, rationing, if you will… as if for dramatic effect.


This is a really simple, yet super delicious, seaweed dish.

I would usually pick up a twelve-piece set, a tub of seasoned wakame seaweed, a couple extra cups of pickled young ginger, and lots of extra packets of shoyu (soy) sauce.

Once home, I would usually lay out at least three layers of the national broadsheet on the bed, prop myself up, grab a book or a magazine, and have a sumptuous dinner for one.

Time for my delicious dinner for one!

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