Somebody that I used to know

30 05 2012

COMING OUT alive from a two-hour meeting – one that I ran – was perfect excuse for me and The DJ to go grab something to bite and do some catching up over coffee.  It sounds like our seeing each other or having conversations are few and far in between.  Quite the opposite, actually.  We work together.  He is in my “Committee” in the office.  We collaborate on stuff.  But that’s the thing with friends – there are always a lot of things to talk about.

My trustworthy friend, The DJ, in action

Real friends find the same things funny.  And it will make you smile when one-liners or comments that ordinarily may sound fleeting, flying past over your head, actually are profound statements that capture your very essence or aspects of your being in vivid detail.

“You will like this song.  You’re about the lyrics, right?  Makaka-relate ka.  (You will be able to relate.)”

And with that, I became even more all ears to the talk, almost spilling my day’s umpteenth 40-cent cup of coffee on my five-year-old custom fit Ralph Lauren classic pony shirt.  The DJ excused himself from the table and within a couple of minutes was back with his Bose® OE2 headphones in hand.

He first introduced me to the original song, obviously already on heavy rotation on his iPhone4, before he revealed to me his latest masterpiece – his (audio) mix of Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye featuring Kimbra.

Specifically, he calls it Nerdub Dubstep Remix’s “dubstep remix of the popular Somebody That I Used To Know by Gotye ft. Kimbra.”  (Click on the previous link to experience his sound.)

He said I’m all about the lyrics.  Enough said.


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3 responses

30 05 2012

Good read as always. Thanks Enteng for posting this. I remember this picture, I accidentally switched of the power while you were singing and you still managed to perform well right?


30 05 2012

Great read. The remix was super and is now on my active YouTube playlist.


2 06 2012

djay ROCKS…..


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