Korean dreams to keep track of time

4 06 2012

“Here’s looking at you, Gal.”

WHEN YOU are so engrossed at and with what you’re doing, you lose track of time.  It always happens to me and Iron Man at work.  It has come to the point of us checking each other in the morning on the other’s target for the day.  Do we make good on our self-imposed injunctions?  What did I say again about what happens when one is engrossed completely?  Haha!

So sometimes, to help me with keeping track of time, I set a target that appeals even to my subconscious.  A bowl of tomato noodle soup that can only be had at FoodRepublic until 10:00 PM on weeknights has worked for me – until about a couple of months back.

Another one that works in dragging me off my swivel seat is getting a haircut on a weeknight.  The stylist who has been the only one giving me my needed shears these past 11 months is available only until 7:00 PM on Sundays.  Yesterday, I finished my tasks – to my personal satisfaction – only at almost 8:00 PM.  Tough luck.

But I really needed a haircut.  So off I went to Nex Mall hoping against hope that I’d find a salon still open.  I was ready to queue up even at the 10-minute express cut shops.

A few steps from the escalator landing, right at the mall entrance, I noticed NK (Nifty Hairworks, Keen Touch), went in, and just blurted out, “I really need a haircut!”

I had a very hearty conversation with Senior Stylist Dorene Low who attended to me.  But two questions have remained indelible on my mind.

“What cut?”

I blabbered complete with hand gestures until driving my point home with the line, “I’m going for a Korean look.

“Are you local?”

I’m always amused by this question.  Seriously.  And in a melting pot like Singapore, it’s a question that is bound to be asked.  Even I myself ask that of others.  In my case, I’ve always been asked if I was – in order of decreasing frequency – Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian Chinese, Thai, and in one instance, Bruneian.  But never Filipino.  Dorene asked me in a very friendly, warm tone so it helped initiate our stylist-client relationship into something that holds promise.

So how do I love this look?  It’s almost Korean.  The operative word being “almost” because just like what Dorene told me, I’d have to let the fringes (or bangs) grow for another month or so before she could trim the look to my (unbridled) satisfaction.

But I’m loving it enough to post photos here like I promised my friend Gal.

“Quick, hurry, I really need a haircut! The bad hair day police are after me!”


I could hear Brother saying, “Mukha kang anime!” (You’ve got the anime look!)


Halfway through. Happiness is starting to creep in… and hunger! Haha! Good thing they offered me complimentary drinks of my choosing, and a light cracker snack.


Styled! Nice. For a moment it felt both like a Kodak moment mashed up with McDonald’s… I’m lovin’ it!


If it were not for the other customers, I would’ve burst into song and dance: “Kkeucheun eobseo Never end / Yeogin Neverland / …” HAHAHA!


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