OATM: Lapis Lazuli and Ruby

15 06 2012

(I realize that some of my text messages seem to be blog entries on their own.  So I thought anything that I feel worth repeating here, I shall post.  It shall be under the header of “Originally a Text Message,” or “OATM” for short.  Here’s the first one.)

Madam Ma Ma Gyi’s masterpieces alongside a Swiss timepiece

MADAM MA Ma Gyi of Chinatown made me two bracelets of rough tumbled deep blue lapis lazuli.  While working on my bracelets, I kept asking about rubies, my Mama’s favorite gemstone, planning to have one made for her.

She said it’s July’s birthstone.  I told her I was born in July.  She turned around, unlocked a drawer and brought out a tray of ruby beads and pearls.  “I’ll put a ruby for you.  Can?  No charge.  Since you’re July baby.”  She went on, “I’ll put wherever.  Can?”

Then, after slipping in the ruby, she said, “One only not nice.  I’ll make it two.”

I said to myself, “Wow!  For me and my twin.”

After she has worked on the bracelet, she laid it on the counter.  And that’s when I realized that she put the two ruby beads after the tenth lapis lazuli.

This bracelet really is mine.  I promised to see her again.

She laid it on the counter and I immediately “placed” where she placed the ruby beads. After the tenth lapis lazuli!

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