Convalescing with friends by your side

19 06 2012

YESTERDAY I wore this shirt to work.  But even before He does get to write my love story, He lets me know He is taking care of me.  Like I always say, “Friends is God’s way of taking care of us.”

I wore this shirt to work yesterday.


This is one of my favorite graphic / statement tees in my (limited) collection.

Last week I was feeling so under the weather.  I wouldn’t be ashamed to admit that for the first time here in Singapore, I felt like I could use some help.

Conversations always help.  They usually do.  Though it would always be so much better when plans laid out in animated conversation take concrete form.  And what initially started as kiddin’ around about making me food to help me convalesce, turned out to be a serious offer that was simply so hard to resist.  (And when you are physically weakened, how could you resist?  Haha!)

Before long, I found myself, together with Bez, MJ, Eric, and Mikee, treated to a hearty homecooked spread courtesy of one of my good friends Cecille.  I couldn’t think of any better way to spend a Friday night.

Took a quick snap before I headed to Cecille’s place.


Cecille, MJ, Eric, and Bez (Glenda) with Mikee (a.k.a. Iron Man, seated)


Of course I had to jump in!


We had a crash course on Instagram courtesy of Mikee.

With a bag of frozen vegetables – think a mélange of green peas, carrots, corn kernels – she whipped up her signature fried rice, around which revolved ginisang munggo (a stew of mung beans sautéed with garlic, onions, and deboned smoked scad and garnished with sliced bitter gourd), and pork steak cubes.  A couple of roasted black pepper chicken from Cold Storage and two tall pitchers of iced lemon tea completed the meal.

Stove top action!


Cecille’s Fried Rice


Pork Steak Cubes


Roasted black pepper chicken

Cecille (and family), thank you very much for this gesture.  My family sends their appreciation and love back to you.  This story made them less worried about me getting sick far away from home.

eNTeNG and Android. After dinner, we listened to music (found a couple of my LSS songs these past couple of days) and got treated to a “demo” of a gadget that I’m now seriously considering to acquire… much thanks to the “Promodizer” girls in Bez and Chubi. Haha!


A note of appreciation scribbled on Cecille’s Samsung Note. (And I quote, “Bez, may Samsung Note si Chubi. I bet you will like it!”)

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