Big bold letters in red

24 06 2012

If there is ever any doubt in your mind what season it is in Singapore.

I’VE LONG claimed in this space that I only shop where they say sale in big bold letters – as in SALE.  And being here in the Lion City, home to Orchard Road, ranked first in the list of 30 of the world’s most famous shopping streets, I’ve come to realize that sale does still come in big bold red letters, though they spell a different word:  GSS (the Great Singapore Sale).

The paradox of it all is that I seemed to have lost all urge to shop.  And when I do, it is to run an errand for family or friends back home.  But for myself?  Nah.  Well, not anymore.  My only little piece of heaven as of late is the second-hand wristwatch stores that dot the stretch of malls along the world’s most famous shopping street.  I fix my favorites with a long, focused stare that pierce right through the vitrines.  But before any of their beauty lulls me into a false state of security I would get by acquiring them, I snap right out of it with the screaming thought, “I cannot afford any of you!”  Haha!

For now, I’m quite happy and content to be able to strut down Orchard Road.  How often can one be in a place touted to be better than, say, Paris?

At Coach, Paragon Mall


By the Ralph Lauren store on Scotts Road. I love it for sentimental reasons.


Back at Ralph Lauren. I told you I love this store.


At Kate Spade, Raffles City


My Mama and Sisters-In-Law will be so happy.


At Louis Vuitton, ION Orchard


Me and mirror panels…


My reflection framed by funky timepieces and knick knacks.


One of the come-ons at Paragon Mall is live entertainment. This trio was good. I looked at them and thought up three names who can help put up a similar act. “Shall I start singing for my supper?”


It’s practically summer all-year-round in Singapore. The only other season is… GSS.


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Breaking the fast

24 06 2012

Breakfast Calling. A plate of crisp-fried danggit (rabbitfish), skinless longganisa (pork sausage), and PureFoods tender juicy hotdogs.

HAVE YOU ever stopped and wondered why the first meal of the day is called ‘breakfast’?  It is because if you, unlike me, do keep a healthy sleeping habit, there’s a good chance that it takes eight long hours between dinner or ‘midnight snack’ of the night before and the first time you put a nosh into your mouth the morning after.  When you do, you are actually breaking the fast.

Breakfast, much like the song-of-the-moment that blares into my ears on my way to work, helps set the tone for the day.  A good breakfast can put a spring into one’s step.  At the office cafeteria, I look forward to the mornings when they serve chee cheong fun – rice noodle rolls – doused in a black sweet sauce, riddled with toasted sesame seeds and anointed with roasted sesame oil worth a few turns around the plate.  I show up at the queue and the servers instantly know I’m there for chee cheong fun.  “eNTeNG, three, right?!”  My eating habits give me away every single time.

Equally important – if not more so – is the company with whom you share breakfast.  At work, I’ve been very fortunate to be remembered by a few of my colleagues and friends who never fail to send me the sweetest reminder:  “BreakfastNowSee you.”

With the right food, and the right company, you end up getting both your body and your soul nourished.  After a good breakfast, I always feel like I’m set to face the rest of my day.  I won’t go as far as telling life, “Bring it on!” because I don’t want to play with the tricks life can deal me with.  Suffice it to say, I’m just put in a great mood.

Outside work, I’ve been very fortunate to rediscover the friendship I have with a few people with whom I’ve had years-long professional relationships with.  I’ve been invited to meals at their places and I just feel so – What’s the word for it? – loved.

There’s this joke I would often crack to friends who share food with me.  “Be careful with feeding me.  I might not ever want to let you go.”

While they may be facing the fear of me as a potential constant in their lives, I hope they likewise feel my gratitude.

One particular breakfast that not only excited my palate but also conjured up feelings of a deep longing for home was one that had crisp-fried danggit (rabbitfish), skinless longganisa (pork sausage), and PureFoods tender juicy hotdogs, alongside garlic fried rice.

Now you see the kind of gratitude I feel.

This breakfast at my friend Cecille’s (Chubi) place culminated in a dessert of fresh strawberries and Nutella. Fab.


I pass by this playground attraction on my way to my friend’s place. Everytime I look at it, a part of me half-expects Andrew Garfield to come swinging down. Haha!

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