10 07 2012

“ONLY 0.274% of people on average get to be born on the 10th of July.  Special, right?”

While waiting for the 72 after my birthday dinner, this bus stopped in front of me and my friend. I noticed it’s the 74. We don’t need it. But it was perfect for the moment and I just had to take this snap.

Last night, I had the most amazing dinner party thrown by my Malaysian friends.  And this morning, I woke up to a lot of text messages from people who care about me.  Every member of my family, no matter where they are right now, were the first ones to send in their greetings.  And 33 colleagues and friends – some on travel in far and away places like Italy and Israel – made me feel that there is much to be thankful for the fact that today, the 10th of July, I was born to this world 38 years ago.

I will lie if I don’t admit how great these messages made me feel.  Nine years ago, in front of a device tester at my then employer’s offices in the Sacramento area, one of my longest-standing friends suddenly opined, “You know what eNTeNG?  It takes a special person to appreciate who you really are.”

And I guess I still have lots of them right now.  I’ve accepted that I’m a very complex person but somehow there are still those who have managed to hang on to me, with me and for me.  I appreciate that a lot.

I had just hit my first year in Singapore, my first year on this job, and today is my birthday.  And these past few days have been making me think.  And in the midst of all of these, I always remember to be grateful for the few constants in my life.  These people have made me feel that no matter how other people judge me even though I am not a book, they will always be my friends.  From some of them I have run away and dare I say, attempted to forget – both the good and the bad – but they are still there.  As I have told you, “constants” in my life.

In spite of me, my shortcomings, and my being difficult, I still get love sent my way.  I feel the love.  And I am thankful.  Really.

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4 responses

11 07 2012

Special pala ako kasi I appreciate who you really are! hahaha! 😛

Happy birthday! 😀

And it’s okay to be a complex person because it’s a way to differentiate yourself from the others…and minsan, nakakasawa din ang simple lang! 😛


11 07 2012

indeed…it is special! 🙂


13 07 2012
Alexis Araneta

Well, you are a very special person so you have special friends!

Again, happy birthday! I swear you don’t look nor sound a day over 30! Hahaha! Anyway, I pray for more blessings to shower on you!


24 07 2012

Hey Enteng, we miss you! I remember your first birthday here in SG… I am thankful to have met you. Hope to see you again soon!


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