Bright lights, solo flight, in date city

30 07 2012

THIS IS a glimpse into the life of a single guy in this big city.  He leaves work at around 7:00 PM, goes to a speed dinner with a friend for a good ten minutes – thank goodness for the hawker centre! – hops on the train for the longest 15-minute trip home, resurrects a life in facebook for about half an hour, does the laundry, and eventually decides to get a head start on something culinary.

Coming at the heels of successful “sopas” and salad nights, on a whim he proposes to cook for friends.  As everybody has got to be in different parts of the globe within the next week or so – he himself booked on a Singapore Airlines flight eleven days from now – he agrees to hosting dinner on Wednesday night, and then on Saturday.

He realizes that while the laundry is soaking for a good hour, he can make a pot of the magic chicken broth that is the secret to his sopas.  So off to the grocer behind his block he goes.

He hoards all the fresh chicken bones, and eyes the best of the celery hearts.  He picks through a pile of onions, and subtly threw away the bad stuff.  And then when he reaches for a pack of carrots to complete the mix, he is surprised to find an unexpected reminder of why in the first place his comforting soup he wants to make.

There, beside the two-for-one bargain bin of kang kong (swamp cabbage) is a pack of carrots that proudly says, “Produce of Australia.”  Now he wants to make this sopas even more.

Proudly Produce of Australia


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2 responses

30 07 2012

Enteng, the sign “Produce of Australia” in the bag of carrots is a sign… you know what i mean. Can’t wait to taste your version of sopas. 🙂


30 07 2012

This blog needs a little bit more ending :)…


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