Little bundle of joy

24 09 2012

The very thoughtful note wrapped around a little bundle of joy

SOMETHING THAT doesn’t pay the rent or put food on the table always takes a backseat when the going gets tough.  In my case, writing – my writing – not being the “professional” aspect of my life, always gets relegated to the backburner.  It’s been a month since I last posted on my blog.  In this space, I’m seriously backlogged.  Yes, as Dr. Meredith Grey would let out, often after heaving a heavy sigh, “S–E–R–I–O–U–S–L–Y.”

Then a little note I found on my desk last week allowed me to stop and examine my life closer.  Wasn’t it Socrates who said, “The unexamined life is not worth living”?

To the person who snuck behind me while I was all caught up in yet another conference call just to leave me with a little surprise, thank you very much.

The note and the treat did make me happy.  And it reminded me to make an effort to not forget doing the things that do make me happy.

There are some things that we do know ourselves. But sometimes, it doesn’t hurt hearing it from other people.


I love the Chinese characters. I was told it means, “add oil.” Think well-oiled machine…


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