The Presidential and Philip

30 09 2012

The Limited Edition Philip Stein “Oprah 25th Anniversary” wristwatch

WHILE I was making the purchase of a new Tissot, the lady of amiable nature a.k.a. the sales associate eyed the Philip Stein Large Signature wristwatch I had on and said, “That brand is quite popular with you Filipinos.  You’re Filipino, right?”

She went on, “I think (it) is because the endorser is the daughter of the President.”

I lifted my head up and before I could process which between her political commentary and her big hair is really more trapped in the 80’s, she made a comeback befitting of only a has–been politician or a washed–up superstar buoyed by the resurgence of career anchored on a spot on Dancing with the Stars.

“(She) is the sister of the President now, right?

And just like that, all is well in Wristwatch Land.

Whenever I arrange my watches to form this, I’m reminded of that line from the Pearl Jam song, delivered only by the legendary vocal growl that is Eddie Vedder’s, “…arms raised in a ‘V’…”


Four-year-old Philip Stein Signature Large


One-year-old Philip Stein Signature Large, Limited Edition. The watches are set against the beautiful stone inlay work on one of our solid wood coffee tables. This one was something I bought at a garage sale in the States, nine years ago, for $8.00! So shabby chic. Rachel Ashwell will be proud.


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