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5 10 2012

This is a tin of special tea that traveled the seas from the mouth of the Yangtze River to the straits of the Lion City. With a lovely note to boot!

YOU STAY on a job long enough and chances are you will have figured out for yourself the things that do matter.  Or at least, the perks.  I’ve been on my job for over 16 years now and I guess I’ve gotten a good handle on that thing that, in the midst of the daily placid mundane scenes or the grind of complexities, has kept me going.

My job allows me to contribute in a convolutedly matrixed, highly integrative, and deeply collaborative effort, sometimes without having to really leave the familiar comforts of my desk.  That also means having to work with someone you don’t necessarily have to meet in person.  I guess this is true for most of us in today’s workforce.

In the course of years, you get to know your colleagues better.  When you work together through enough challenges and really tough situations; and when you open your eyes wide and tune your ears to the finer, salient points that break through tumultuous discourse, you’d be lucky to find in some of them role models to look up to.  To emulate.

And – for lack of a better, less sentimental term – you start to care.  Care that other people do exist in this world besides yourself.

When 9/11 happened, I found myself frantically going online – insert the sound of dial-up connectivity here (haha!) – and checking on all my US–based friends.  I couldn’t care less that all the people I was worried about were on the West Coast.  It’s one of those knee-jerk reactions that seemed to make sense when your heart is pounding through your rib cage.

Whenever my place – or the whole Philippines for that matter – gets submerged after a heavy deluge of apocalyptic proportions, I do hear from them.  They ask how my family is and if they still have a roof over their heads – and not actually standing on one.  When my special day comes along, I get the best birthday wishes from all over.

And as if the Universe has been conspiring lately to grant me some of my own wishes, I’ve gotten to meet a lot of them in person – some of them for the first time ever, some of them, again.

And in of all places – Singapore!  Ain’t life unexpectedly, unexplainably beautiful sometimes?

That’s Ms. Lynda on the left, with Denice and Xu Dong. I took this photo so I’m out of the frame.


With Andy


With Melissa. She and her husband have been nice to me since I met them over nine years ago. On the card that came with the gift they gave me on the last day of my assignment in the States, they wrote about remembering me for my… songs. Haha!


With Melissa again and here, with Junwyn.


With Bin


With The ShenJun


eNTeNG, the Chilli Crab, and The ShenJun


Bin, The ShenJun, the Chilli Crab, eNTeNG, and Kia Leh


This is my good good friend of over nine years, Michael. This was taken during one of his daughter’s soccer matches. He coaches the team! Whatever fanaticism I have for the Adidas Samba, I got from him.


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16 10 2012

Wonderful! Memories and times. Thank you for sharing.


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