Bike Bin Bike!

7 10 2012

THE CUTEST OF BIKES. This bike traveled 2361.90 miles to roam the beautiful streets of Singapore. It traveled neatly folded in luggage!

HINDSIGHT REALLY is 20/20 vision.  I should’ve learned how to bike.

Because if I did, then I would probably be somewhere along Yishun – halfway on an eight-hour trail – spending a great time bonding with my friends Kiddo (Kia Leh), Claudio and Bin.  But I don’t know how to bike and never paid attention to anybody who attempted to teach me as a kid all those summers I spent vacationing with Mommy (my grandmother).

Claudio, Kiddo and Bin


Deciding on the bike rentals


Kiddo and Claudio


Bin and his Bike


Of course I’ve got to have a photo with the bike!


Bin did the rounds of the shop thinking to get a mountain bike in place of the one he has.


In the end, Bin chose to stick it out with his own trusty, foldable two-wheeler.


Bin inquiring or negotiating something at the counter


Kiddo eventually decided on this bike. It has the number “1” on it!


Helmet for sale. Anyone?


Time check at the shop

I volunteered to just run behind them.  Clearly, it was a case of either unequivocal evidence of my faith in my own capabilities, or I was just too embarrassed to feel left out of the party, so to speak.  When I look at it another way, I feel our hanging out together is a microcosm of international understanding, of that world without strangers – Kiddo is Malaysian Chinese, Claudio is Italian, Bin is Chinese, and I am Filipino.

But true to the wise words of The ShenJun the day before, if I would trail them, I’d better be on a bus or a cab.

So while the three of them must’ve by now burned off the thousands of calories we stuffed ourselves with at Burger King, I have on the other hand reduced myself to yet again being a receptacle of all things sinfully delicious – a bar each of 3 Musketeers, Milky Way, and Ritter Sport in Espresso.  And as I write, everything in my head is looking forward to breakfast with them in about three hours.  My own love handles would soon think that I am too much for them to handle.

I couldn’t wait to hear about their stories biking in and around Singapore.  Kia Leh and Claudio on overnight rentals from a store at East Coast Park – where Bin’s planned eight-hour trail starts and ends – and Bin on just the cutest of (collapsible) bikes, something that traveled 2361.90 miles to get here.  In his luggage.

My Burger King Meal (except for the juice and one of the onion rings, which were Kiddo’s). And I wasn’t the one biking!


With Claudio


With Kia Leh a.k.a. Kiddo


As I was going to run, I saw it fit to change into a running shirt. And I decided on this one, my Water Cube shirt from the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as I was hanging out with Bin!


With Bin


Now that’s an appetite!


Bin brought a couple of maps of hours-long trails!


Here’s the other route.


Ready to hit the tracks!


See you at breakfast!


Me, my SMS and I


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