In this context pronounced with an H

8 10 2012

I GREW up knowing that my brothers and I need to put on our Sunday best – no matter how simple they actually were.  I mean, they were clearly looks that couldn’t claim affinity with the Ralph Lauren double-page spread-of-the-moment or feel like they have just leapt off of the pages of GQ.  I mean, we just had to dress up to make ourselves presentable to God.  Like, we wanted to be on His good side.  Not that He ever looked at how we looked.

But wait, I did spend my afternoons off from school playing chess or writing my pieces for the school paper in Ralph Lauren Classic Pique Polo Shirts.  Oh well, the perks of having a grandmother based in Northern America.  But I digress.

So now that I’m old – notice that I say “old” and not “older” – it’s one thing I think I still do.  When I go to a store and do intend to seriously spend time going through their wares, I put on an item of theirs – granted I do have such.  I find that it helps build goodwill with the Sales Associates.

For dinner on Saturday, I changed into my Water Cube DRI–FIT shirt from the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games because we made the plan to accompany Bin (who’s from China).

And so for breakfast on Sunday, I put on my Adidas UEFA EURO 2008 shirt with the colors of the Italian flag.  Not only does it state the obvious that Kiddo’s guest, Claudio, is from Italy but it also always reminds me of food.  I’m not referring to the obvious – Italy is to pasta.  I’m calling attention to what the colors of the flag bring to mind – Insalata Caprese.

You can say I did put on appropriate shirts.  It’s just like paying… what’s the word for it?…  Oh, in this context it is pronounced with an H.

Now that is stating the obvious.

Wearing my Adidas UEFA EURO 2008 Italy shirt, on board the Green Line, on my way to Bedok.


Easily one of my favorite shirts


I’ve got the bag too. Haha!


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