Review in SMS – Life of Pi

24 12 2012
RIS - Life of Pi

A review in SMS – Life of Pi

THE PROBLEM with a much-hyped-about movie is that the situation sets the stage for disappointment.

I won’t say I was terribly disappointed.  It was just that I realized that Ang Lee’s “Life of Pi” is NOT for the particularly impatient.  I happen to be impatient.

Named after a French swimming pool, Piscine Molitor “Pi” Patel tells a writer his “story that will make anybody believe in God”.  This is at the core of the film, which for its amazing visuals and effects, is a stunning masterpiece of a spiritual journey disguised in magical realism.  It’s your “buddy” movie – but between a young Indian boy (Suraj Sharma in a stunning debut performance) and a Bengal tiger (3D effects at its best).

Several quotes stuck with me long after the credits rolled.  Here are two I loved so much.

“When someone you care so much about leaves your life unceremoniously, it breaks your heart.  Life is about letting go.  But you could at least say goodbye.”

“There are many things I remember about our last day.  But I don’t remember saying goodbye.”

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One response

30 12 2012

Boss, suddenly read a link that posted on fb by my friend. The blog explanation is in Chinese hence I can’t share with you. There is actually the third story which is the real story which PI trying to hide about it. However, the director trying to use many symbolism in the storyline to reveal the real story.

A paragraph that I copy from website

Which tale is true? Clearly the first one is not credible, because a large floating island could not have gone unnoticed in the middle twentieth century. The second story is much more believable, and the trauma of his mother’s death could have lead to the creation of the original story. However, the second story is a standard hardship-at-sea-leads-to-cannibalism story. Furthermore, the narrative describes the second story as told after Pi got the specifications of the story that the Japanese wanted, so it is possible that neither is true and that Pi, in keeping with his view of God, does not plan to tell the real one.

Pi believe in 3 gods at the same time actually is trying to find the religion that able to accept what he is doing.
Do you able to imagine what is the 3rd story? I tell you on Wednesday :-p


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