Review in SMS – Les Miserables

6 01 2013
RIS - Les Miserables 00

Up to now, this draft of my original review is still being attempted to be successfully sent by my phone. Hahaha!

WHILE THE celluloid version remained faithful to the original material – which on its own was based on the 1862 French novel of the same title by Victor Hugo – it must’ve have been a monumental task for those locked up in the editing room to squeeze that many stories, that much detail in two and a half hours.

With the reprise of “Do You Hear The People Sing?” still playing in my head, five minutes through my cab ride, just when we were making the bend on Orchard Turn, I found myself struggling with the length of my review–in–SMS on Les Miserables.  I felt like Tom Hooper deciding which song to cut or which song to revise to a shorter version.  Writing my review seemed like I needed “One Day More”.

Even switching to MMS mode – a charge I was willing to shoulder for a message to be sent to exactly 66 recipients in three continents – didn’t allow for my review to make it out Singapore’s communications door.

I had to edit.  And edit.  And edit.

Until I was able to send out an abridged version 47 minutes past midnight, the one that appears below.


27 MINUTES through “Les Miserables”, Anne Hathaway as Fantine gives a stirring rendition of “I Dreamed The Dream” and I found myself singing along in my head.

I guess that’s why I survived 2 and a half hours of Tom Hooper’s adaptation, not directly of the Victor Hugo novel, but more so of the stage musical.  I’m familiar with the novel, and ALL the songs.

The movie is about personal redemption, filial love and romantic love, set against the backdrop if a revolution.  The dramatization is powerful.  The cinematography captivating.

Hathaway deserves the Oscar for the 4 minutes she sang.  Hugh Jackman can be nominated.  Russell Crowe was flat – on the high notes mostly.  Sacha Baron Cohen and Helena Bonham Carter as the Thenardiers stole every scene.  Eddie Redmayne as Marius was sympathetic.

I shed a tear at 3 scenes.  But I was never more moved that when I first saw Cosette.  She was exactly how she was illustrated in the first publication.

And the singing?  They were recorded live on set – not in the studio then digitally mastered into the film.  Amazing.

RIS - Les Miserables 01

The poster outside the cinemas at Shaw Lido on Orchard. I saw the movie here twice. On the second time, they had moved it to their biggest cinema. Both screenings were packed. I saw Les Miserables a couple more times. I love it but I was surprised that it continued to grow on me as I watched it more.



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6 01 2013

I think the choice to have them sing live made such a difference. So great! Check out my review


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