21 minutes

10 01 2013
Changi Airport - eNTeNG's MunchTime

Call me conceited. But the first page I browse at airport internet stations is my blog. Haha!

JUST CHECKED in, cleared immigration, and now awaiting boarding.  I guess whatever little charm I have still worked with the ground staff at the check-in counter.  I wasn’t charged at all for 15kg of EXCESS baggage!

Hahaha!  I can’t wait to make some people even happier.

Today is a good day.  I get to go home and have a belated holiday celebration with my family.  And just before leaving my desk at work, I received some good news.

Life is hard.  Work is hard.  But from time to time we get to allow ourselves some space to breathe.

And I look forward to more in the next three and a half hours.  They gave me a row all to myself.

I shall see you next week.  I miss “A” and “R” already.

Changi Airport - iStudio

A couple of weeks prior leaving, I was running around Singapore, going to every Apple seller and looking for one last thing on my list that was always “out of stock” and for which my name was put on a wait list. Lo and behold, right after clearing immigration, I saw this iStudio I don’t remember noticing ever – all I ever did care about there was the Tiffany & Co. – and in a matter of minutes, my errand list was done!


Changi Airport - Departure Board

I always just have to have a photo of the flight information board. Found my SQ flight!


Changi Airport - Boarding Gate

With all my errands done and my list completely checked off, it was time to walk to my boarding gate.



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12 01 2013



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