Kuya is back!

30 01 2013
Chantilly Milazzo Panettone 03

The ribbon on the cake announces the provenance of this one–of–a–kind Christmas cake – Chantilly in Milazzo!

I SPENT the most of December 2012 bidding friends farewell.  One was punctuated with the gift of panettone, the traditional Italian Christmas cake.  This confection, made rich and fluffy with eggs and butter, has come to be a reminder not only of the most joyous of seasons, but also of a really good friend – Kuya Michele.

Today, I received another panettone.  And this one traveled all of about 10,275 kilometers to find its way to my hands.  It comes from Chantilly in Milazzo, which I first wrote about here.  (Visit their site at http://www.chantilly.sicilia.it/.)

And just like that, Kuya Michele is back.

Chantilly Milazzo Panettone 01

I don’t speak an iota of Italian but reading everything on the box is like music to my ears.


Paolo Michele eNTeNG

Paolo, Kuya Michele, and eNTeNG

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