The beauty of the Philippines comes shining through

30 01 2013
PR501 06 Foil

The beauty of the Philippines, embossed on gold foil.

I’M ONE of those who have Philippine Airlines as a backup.  Only as a backup.  For when Singapore Airlines could really not accommodate me.

On my last trip back home, I just couldn’t get a seat on Singapore Airlines back to the Lion City.  So I had no choice but to turn to my court of last resort – Philippines Airlines.

PR501 00 Terminal 2

One nice thing about the Philippine Airlines is that it still has Terminal 2 all to its own.


PR501 01 Time Zones

Anything that tells time captures my attention.


PR501 02 Plane

The plane is ready for boarding!


PR501 03 Passport

My Singapore Airlines-clad Philippine passport doesn’t have any problems cozying up to Mabuhay and Fiesta Boutique magazines.


PR501 04 Departure

My flight left on-the-dot!


PR501 05 Meal

The food has arrived!


PR501 07 Tomato Juice

I may have changed airlines but my drink of choice remains the same – tomato juice! Though they serve different brands.


PR501 08 Beef with Soy Sauce

This is really delicious beef in soy sauce. Yummy!


PR501 09 Salad

This salad is one of the simplest – yet most satisfying – that I have ever had! I want to recreate it in my kitchen!


PR501 10 Coffee Time

It’s coffee time! But for me it also means having a full glass of tomato juice on standby.

I haven’t flown on my nation’s flag carrier for the longest time that I have forgotten how nice an experience it could be.  It reduced me to wanting to write in cursive – turbulence be damned – and write I did.

My appreciation for the service I was provided at more than 30,000 feet up in the air ended up filling four pages torn from one of my best friends’ notebook (Bin’s).

For me, whatever magic I’ve got in me is best expressed when pen hits paper.

PR501 11 Letter 1 of 4

Page 1 of 4


PR501 11 Letter 2 of 4

Page 2 of 4


PR501 11 Letter 3 of 4

Page 3 of 4


PR501 11 Letter 4 of 4

Page 4 of 4


PR501 15 Arrival

We’ve arrived!


PR501 16 Arrival

The chin has landed! Haha!

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