La Bocca Della Veritá

17 02 2013
CNY 2013 - Chinatown_12_Bocca_00

La Bocca Della Veritá, Chinatown, Singapore

ANYTHING THAT promises at least a 50% chance – or anything that has some semblance to reality half of the time – can be worth my attention or merit some space here.

Kuya, Michele and I passed by a La Bocca Della Veritá (The Mouth of Truth), in its incarnation as an electronic coin-operated machine, somewhere in Chinatown on the eve of the Chinese New Lunar Year.  Having seen it on Roman Holiday and then on Only You, La Bocca Della Veritá has held fascination for me.  We had already walked past it but I just had to say, “Kuya, just a sec!”

I dared and let The Mouth of Truth look into my character and future.

The printout opened with the line, “Sex and food hold particular attraction for you.”  It hit the right spot with 50% accuracy.  It’s the “food” part that it got right.

If you thought otherwise, then you are wrong.  But I love the way you think.  Haha!

CNY 2013 - Chinatown_12_Bocca_01

The printout of the results. Any comments Kris, Joseph and David???


CNY 2013 - Chinatown_12_Bocca_02

A closer look at the fine print.

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