For Boston

20 04 2013

THOUGH I’VE put a cap to my passion for distance running at 10 kilometers, my love for the sport and my appreciation for the men and women who are part of it extends far beyond the 42.195 kilometers set as the standard distance for the modern-day marathon.

When I don’t run, this love and appreciation take the incarnation of a spectator awash with vicarious thrill for his friends.  I would be there at the exact spot when the starting pistol is fired, and then I would be with the huddled masses – usually with a placard in hand – ready to scream my cheers at the finish line.

It has taken me the whole week to process what happened at the 2013 Boston Marathon.  And I am still in shock and disbelief.  My heart goes out to all whose lives were taken away or affected by this tragedy.

Boston, the Cradle of Liberty, and its people shall rise above the plume of smoke.


Nothing like this placard to show my support for my friends at the 2011 Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon.

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