Happy birthday, Trisha!

12 05 2013

SOME OF the best people I’ve ever met in my life I met and became friends with in the States 10 years ago.  Thanks to all that technology affords us now, meeting in person seems to have become not a necessity anymore.  Well, until you find out that you would be spending some “real” face time and you realize that nothing beats seeing these great friends once again.  What did that song say?  Oh, “ain’t nothin’ like the real thing.”

2013_Singapore 002

eNTeNG and his good good friend Mama Trisha, Singapore, 2013

I was in the States to work on a project.  And as with most projects in my line of work, it was highly matrixed, highly collaborative, and highly integrative.  That’s where I first met Trisha in person.  I emphasize “in person” because prior that, I have known her by her name – one which has long been synonymous with leadership in her team.

2013_Singapore 001

I accompanied Trisha to get a new compact digital camera. She lost the one she brought with her.


2013_Singapore 012

There’s no doubt where I later brought Trisha for our version of a “walking” tour of the city. I told her that my version has only my favorite places. Hahaha! Side note, don’t you just love that sculpture of a candy wrapped in the colors of the Singaporean flag? (Actually, the Singapore flag!)



On the day of the team lunch in honor of Trisha, I chose to wear my shirt that has the colors of the American flag. Also in the photo is Kuya Mike.

Like Alka-seltzer you dissolve in water to give an effervescent solution, Trisha is the kind of colleague who can neutralize highly stressful personalities and situations with her bubbly personality and her witticisms.  And meeting her once again – in of all places, the Lion City – just proved a couple of points.  The years have been kind to her.  And she has lost none of her charms – the very same things that led me and my Filipino colleagues to lovingly refer to her as “Mama Trisha.”  (Fortunately for us, Trisha was one of two “Mamas” we found in California.)

And true to her natural nourishing nature, she is quite the home cook and baker.  Her banana nut bread was the stuff my Folsom years were made of.  I would slather lots of butter on slices she would send my way.  The notes that would accompany the food she shared are still with me.  I would read them when I need reminding of good times.

Thursday, the 9th of May, was her birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRISHA!


As you may well know, it’s been my tradition to send my friends off at the airport. Trisha’s flight out was quite early. But as promised, I was at the lobby of the hotel by 4:00 AM.



Trisha at Changi Airport. I hope to see you again soon!

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