A wish your heart makes

25 06 2013

“A DREAM is a wish your heart makes.”

I must’ve first heard it on that animated fairy tale.  But I’m sure it has gone on heavy rotation in my head when Michael Bolton lent his amazing pipes to those immortal words.

Last week, these same words had gained a deeper realization for me.  After over three weeks, MOMMY finally appeared to me in a vivid dream.  In my dream, I was asleep and she came to sit at the foot of my bed.  She nudged me gently to wake me up.  And the moment I did, she hugged me tight and told me to not be sad.  She smiled at me, and then she hugged me tight once more.

She held my hand and off we went to walk.  We were talking the whole time – just like how we would spend our times together.

Thank you, Mommy, for seeing me one more time.  I still do miss you terribly.  I hope you are alright.


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