A Blondie in Boise

14 04 2014

THE TITLE of this post is rife with suggestive thoughts. Not the impure kind, but rather the purest that only equal parts home baking goodness and a treasured family recipe can conjure up.

Beautiful Blondies, a family specialty, from my colleague and friend Chase and his Wife.

Beautiful Blondies, a family specialty, from my colleague and friend Chase and his Wife.

The first half is taken care of by my colleague Chase’s wife’s pastry skills. The second, by – if I remember it correctly – Chase’s grandmother’s recipe.

The result is a confection that is equal parts pretty to look at and yummy beyond crust–deep. The sweetness is not coy – shy and innocent are not the words. It is actually the kind that is unapologetically bold, defiant of the expectations better left for pretentious saccharin sweetness.

I was overwhelmed with the first bite, enough to articulate the contents of the thought bubble that formed above my head, “This is a blondie so good it is life–changing!”

But as I munched on the crunchy exterior that yields to a gooey, chewy, most interior, punctuated by the generous sprinkling of quality chocolate chips, I am reminded that food so good doesn’t really change one’s life – but affirms it.

This blondie is redolent of flavors so reminiscent of the butterscotch I would often have back home in the Philippines. And as I enjoy these bars at a totally new zip post code, I couldn’t help but realize that home is not only a place – but a reflection of the things we value most in life.

A reflection of the flavors that bring us back.

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