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eNTeNG  c”,)™©’s  Blog was born in the evening of the 14th of November 2008, a Friday just like any other ordinary Friday.  Except that on a night when a lot of people were most likely partying like crazy – dancing, eating out, carousing with friends – there was eNTeNG, holed up in a conference room in the office, crunching numbers and making a presentation for his company’s site management’s review the following Monday.  With eyes straining from staring at what seemed to be an endless excel spreadsheet; and then giving up on a powerpoint slide animation that just couldn’t gel together into a cohesive effect, eNTeNG looked up, a bulb lighting up above his head, simultaneous with a thought bubble popping out that said:  “Why don’t I get down to it and blog?”


Masked! That's eNTeNG with his Batman mask on. Courtesy of – of course – Batman!

So within minutes, ‘Hello world!..  Finally, a blog!’ came to be.  This first post was unpretentiously short but sweet – harping about, of all things, the lack of promise and expectations the author has about it.  eNTeNG didn’t even bother to put a picture to add life to his prose.  He just gave in after his friends – the only ones he expected and still expects to read his blog – threw in pieces of advice about how a picture can enhance the written word.  Clearly, the ‘Abe’ restaurant receipt was an afterthought.  But eNTeNG pasted it there with love – his emotions buoyed by the palpable enthusiasm of his friends, all of whom were hundreds to thousands of miles away.  But even so, he logged out of wordpress.com that evening, resolved to not checking it out again, given his track record of failing miserably to finish things he has started.  The blog could rot in hell and he would be at peace with its demise. 

But things have a way of coming together, more so when one doesn’t stress or fuss about it too much.  Verging on sounding pathetic, before he knew it, eNTeNG found himself caring about his blog so much.  As he has always had the propensity to weave words beautifully, he soon recognized the value of sharing snippets of his experience with people who matter to him.  He declared that through his blog, he would be able to share his thoughts that have stayed too confined within the walls of his cerebellum convolutions.  Fortunately, at least for his (first) blog, eNTeNG gets to do so after enjoying food.  Mostly so far, really good food.  Great even.


Yes, he has chosen to write about topics he has been passionate about – food and, you’re reading it right, wristwatches (‘What the f#@&*?!  Where are the wristwatches?!’).  And when eNTeNG gets to experience food so amazing or when he feels like he was just in the presence of greatness (food that he just delighted in!), something within his fulfilled soul just wouldn’t be able to contain the rush.  He has to be able to tell a friend.  At the top of his lungs?  Most likely!  That has always been the case with eNTeNG.  And now that most of the people who have given a damn to what he has had to say have moved forward to better things in their lives in places from as far as a shuttle-bus-ride away to halfway across the globe, eNTeNG sees the value of blogging even more.  But lest one gets the idea that eNTeNG only raves endlessly, please know that he does rant too.  To his friends – near or far – he raves and he rants.  No kidding.  He does tell it like it is.  Without any delay of emotions, he does.


24 days, 17 posts, 1 page, 6 categories, 8 tags, 31 approved comments, and 7 spam comments later, eNTeNG realizes that his blog still has a long way to go (the pictures could definitely be improved!).  He also maintains that he still doesn’t have high expectations for it.  Hence, it has remained eponymous, simply and aptly named.  That and the fact that partly, ‘A Pleased Belly’ or ‘A Fulfilled Tummy’ was just something that he didn’t have the intestinal fortitude (pun intended) to have on the banner, splashed on his front page.  All eNTeNG knows is that when the time comes when, like a troubled writer, he needs to let out his brewing pent-up thoughts, emotions and energy through the tips of his fingers on to paper – no, on to a keyboard – there will always be his blog to turn to.  Before eNTeNG  c”,)™©’s Blog, there was nothing to dump his ideas into.  Before, he would sometimes feel a certain desperation and helplessness with which he would want to document his thoughts, get them out there before they would have vanished into the deepest recesses of his mind.  This was his biggest despondence, as these thoughts were impossible to hold on to or capture back again.  That will be one of the purposes of his blog.  A writer’s resort, if you will.


Which brings eNTeNG to another point.  He is not really a writer.  He means, professionally, no.  Unlike others who may have conquered the blogosphere, he didn’t earn a degree in communications or journalism or comparative literature.  He just happens to be someone passionate to write about things he is passionate about.  What eNTeNG is, is actually an engineer.  He earned a bachelor of science degree in electronics and communications engineering from the Mapua Institute of Technology (years ago!).  He graduated cum laude, at the top of his class, earning himself the gold medal.  But more than that, what he loved the most about school was serving as editor-in-chief of his college paper, The New Builder.  A feat similar to what he achieved in high school when he became the editor-in-chief of The New Beam, the official school organ of the Mapua Pre-Engineering Technological High School.  Oh, and he was also high school valedictorian.


So it goes without saying that the decision to blog may be his reluctant yielding to something that he has loved all this time – to write.  And he is very glad to share it with you.  Will he write stuff beyond food and wristwatches?  Even he cannot tell.  But for right now, he thinks this will do.  Welcome to a glimpse of eNTeNG’s world.


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16 01 2009

Hi Enteng,

Very nice and interesting blog, your entries really show off your passions in life!

Got to know your link from Leah’s multiply site (“cocktails and hors d’oeuvres party”). Boy was I hooked, becoming an instant fan!

Keep your entries coming 🙂



22 07 2009

ey enteng, interesting blog u got here… we like boni hi also, in fact we try to jog there every thursday, me, my wife, n her cousins… nway, wanna let u know i grabbed a photo from ur blog here, da 1 of da hanging boulder leaking water night pic… i posted it as part of a blog entry on my speedbagal.blogspot.com blog… let me know if dat’s a problem… here’s the url of dat entry in case u wana see what i did to ur great photo — http://speedbagal.blogspot.com/2009/07/just-got-run-for-home-race-kit.html

regards, bong


5 10 2009

nice blog enteng!.. love ur page! khit accdent lng pag kaka kita ko., actually nag browse ako kung saan pwd mg order ng cupcake box .. den lumitaw ung page mo, It’s already 6 in d mrning wla p ko nkitang interesting n page. . mron palang k2lad ko na cofi freak.. plus favorite mo c superman? at last n nka kuha ng attention ko ay ung picture s sears tower =) got to go, but i bookmark ko blogs mo, pra pg gising ko bbshin ko lht.. -ellehcar


18 11 2009

Hey Enteng! I chanced upon your blog while looking for sites on… well, noodles. Was searching for noodle varieties and out pops your page on Mongkok! Very interesting that you share the same penchant for noodles (and other culinary delights). Glad to have found another local foodie who writes about foodstuff that we can actually relate to. Itadakimasu! =) JJ


26 01 2010

tata eNTeNG!!! Ngayon ko lang nakita blog mo! I happened to see Sabio’s comment on your wall asking about your blog. I have lost touch with you so I decided to check out your blog. (I hope you don’t mind!) I haven’t read any of the entries yet but just finished reading the About portion. I’m excited to read your entries. Musta ka na? I miss you!


7 09 2011

hi, nice blog you have. Came to your blog when I Google for ” Lindt EXCELLENCE 85% COCOA DARK SWISS THINS ” . I’m a lover for dark chocolate and I eat only dark chocolate, so far I find that among those dark chocolate Lindt Excellence is the best. Recently tried a bar of GODIVA 85% ,not really like it compared to Lindt Excellence 85% Dark .


15 11 2011

Hi eNTeNG! Jack told me you’re now back to blogging so I took a look, and guess what?! I’m hooked! =) Loved your food blogs.


19 04 2013
Cupcakes by Sonja (@cupcakesbysonja)

Hi Enteng,

Where can we send you an email?

Thank you!

Cupcakes by Sonja Team


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