New Year new wristwatch

31 01 2012

The ALESSI by Wiel Arets wristwatch

IF GETTING text messaged about new arrivals and exclusive offers is what a relationship makes, then I have one with the Alessi store in the Philippines.

Alessi is an Italian lifestyle brand that started out as a kitchen utensil company.  But I became cognizant of them already as the purveyor of very “post-modern,” cutting-edge designer pieces for the home – not just the kitchen.

What I love most about them is their wristwatch collection, a collaboration between them and internationally renowned and multi-awarded architects and industrial designers.  I started off with the Karim Rashids, obviously gravitating towards monochromatic timepieces in fun colors but with a simple dial.  Eventually, I craved to own one of the solid all-stainless steel stuff, and automatic movement if possible.  Unfortunately, it had never been available in the Philippines.  I put myself on a wait list.  And that was exactly it – quite a wait.  Hahaha!

The topmost black wristwatch on the right is a Karim Rashid.

Fortunately here in Singapore, Moments by City Chain, as well as that store beside Krasnaya Watch Gallery at ION Orchard, carries Alessi timepieces.  I found at both stores the one I have been lusting after – the AL16000, the Wiel Arets solid all-stainless steel timepiece with an internationally registered automatic movement!  (Wiel Arets is a world-famous Dutch architect.  You can Wikipedia him for more information.  Hehe.)

That window is a peek into the mechanism of what is engraved on the back to be an "INTERNATIONAL REGISTERED..."


"...AUTOMATIC MOVEMENT." Also on the back are the words "ALESSI / WIEL ARETS".

I had to keep coming back to the store to see if I really felt that I wanted it.  I lost sleep over it so that meant I had to have it.  Hahaha!  I love it’s being really solid and hefty.  It’s quite subtly mysterious that the back is not totally an exhibition caseback but rather a peek-a-boo one that allows just a slight glimpse into the automatic movement.  And the bracelet is really sturdy and locks in place with a trusty push-button deployment mechanism.  The dial is white and the hour markers are embossed glow-in-the-dark stainless steel circles, a theme that is repeated in the crown design.  I couldn’t ask for more.

I love the push-button deployment clasp that locks the sturdy all-stainless steel bracelet in place.


I find ALESSI's packaging funky.


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Meaningful five

2 12 2009

FIVE HAS always been a special number to me.  All the time I was in school, I was always – ALWAYS – seat number five, arranged alphabetically by surname.  And my nickname begins with the fifth letter of the alphabet.

The number has again managed to reveal its meaning to me when I realized that there are that many wristwatches that have come to mean much in the course of the past year.  And before 2009 comes to an end, I thought it’d be nice to look back.

Tag Heuer Aquaracer

Tag Heuer Aquaracer in all stainless steel with a brushed silver dial.  The thing about Tag Heuer is that it is really strong, they being proud about carving each wristwatch from a solid block of stainless steel.  To be given something like this could only mean strength.

The one on the upper right corner is the Raj by Karim Rashid for Alessi.

Raj by Karim Rashid for Alessi in black.  This is one of the time pieces Alessi created in partnership with the foremost names in innovative and cutting edge (interior) design.  The stark simplicity of this wristwatch is what I find really attractive – arrestingly so.  I think only someone with an equally commanding presence could strap this on their wrist.

ToyWatch chronograph, as featured on the last page of US Men’s Vogue magazine.  This wristwatch got major backing when Oprah put it on her Christmas Favorite Things list.  But what I love most about it – aside from its ingenious use of plastic and other lightweight materials – is the fact that it comes from Chicago, one of my most beloved cities in the whole wide world.

Philip Stein Teslar Signature dual time zone wristwatch in black dial with gunmetal steel face.

Philip Stein Teslar Signature dual time zone wristwatch in black dial with gunmetal steel face.  Another wristwatch that got the blessing of the Oprah.  But for me, what I love about this is the fact that it is the perfect gift for someone who doesn’t really drool over something that it thought of as trendy or “in the moment” but may give something that has health and fitness benefits a consideration.

Philip Stein Teslar Signature dual time zone wristwatch in white dial with white face.

Philip Stein Teslar Signature dual time zone wristwatch in white dial with white face.  This is the one I’m wearing right now.  And this early, I can vouch for its purported benefits!  It’s a great plus that everytime I glance at it to check the time, I get reminded of someone.

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