In effect

12 12 2012

SEVERAL OF my timepieces have a very Art Deco feel, often characterized by exploding elongated exaggerated numbers on the dial.  Exploding?  Elongated?  Exaggerated?  Well, enough about me.  Haha!

Kiddo has an application on her iPhone5 that creates effects on photos.  She recently took a photo of everything I had strapped on to my left wrist, applied the effects, and sent me the ones I loved the most.

Here they are.

Wrist Candy by Kiddo 00

This one has a feel of being set against a backdrop of votive candles.


Wrist Candy by Kiddo 01

I like this one the most for the sheer festive feel the many colors bring to the wristwatch-and-bracelets ensemble.


Wrist Candy by Kiddo 02

Kiddo favors this one for its simplicity. And I think, for the way the grays blend seamlessly, from the shade of the watch and the bracelets, to the “doodlings on paper”.


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