Awfully dark, awfully bitter, awfully good chocolate

15 10 2011

Rich Chocolate Cupcake (in an "exhibition" solo box), Awfully Chocolate, Ion Orchard, Singapore

CHOCOLATE HASN’T really stood a chance to make me weak in the knees.

Okay, I guess there must’ve been at least one wobbling on record somewhere.  But for the most part, chocolate has never really made me hardly speak or lose my self-control.

And then I came across Awfully Chocolate at Ion Orchard.

Their very straightforward menu – just cakes, cupcakes, ice cream, truffles. It's the "cold poached chocolate" that caught my eye.


So the bestsellers are the "Super Stacked Chocolate Cake" and the ice cream.


Kahlua Bars


Dark Chocolate Truffles


Cold Poached Chocolate

Now I’m speechless and knocked right off of my feet.

I’m big on cupcakes.  That’s one of the things I miss most about home.  And seeing “Rich Chocolate Cupcakes” staring back at me at Awfully Chocolate’s stark counter top display, I couldn’t help but hear, “Bite me.”

Rich Chocolate Cupcakes


There are White Chocolate Cupcakes too.


I haven't tried this one yet!

Going along with the dialogue developing in my head – believe me, that almost always happens when I wait in line – I fixed the cupcake with a stare, quite obviously taking the bait, and telepathically snapped back, “Why so lonely in the window?”

Don't they look so pretty?! Pretty scrumptious.

I asked the pretty counter girl about their cupcakes and she said, “They’re moist chocolate cake with a rich dark chocolate frosting.”  I don’t think I need to add to that.

This cupcake is such a tease...

But standing right in front of a tub of their Dark Chocolate Ice Cream, I knew I needed to add to my order of 10 of their luscious-looking cupcakes.  I just had to have a scoop to see me through the wait.  Intense pleasures.

Their boxes and packaging could very well be at home at Chanel.


Awfully Chocolate has these laminated "Chinese takeout boxes" to scoop their ice cream in.



The same boxes are perfect for their Kahlua Bars and Dark Chocolate Truffles.


But as I've said, they're perfect for the ice cream.


This was my first one!


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Awfully Chocolate

28 09 2011

Awfully Chocolate, ION ORCHARD, Singapore

ON MY list of next must-try places is Awfully Chocolate at ION ORCHARD.  They have an extensive handwritten menu on boards outside the store and on their wall that when I first read, made me feverish enough to convulse.  How could I not shiver upon reading a seeming culinary paradox as scrumptiously sounding as “cold poached chocolate”?

That may be fancy, but it was the sight of the seriously chocolate cupcakes that pushed me over the edge.  I got to go back.  Soon!

Care for cold poached chocolate, anyone?


Truffle cake! Kahlua bar! And the best? It's "chocolate by weight"!



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