Grazie for panettone mandorla and buon compleanno Kuya

25 03 2013

From where all scrumptious good things come – Pasticceria Chantilly (, Via Umberto I, 81 98057 Milazzo Province of Messina, Italy. Reach them at +39 090 922 1184. (This and all Pasticceria Chantilly photos are courtesy of Kuya Michele.)

CHRISTMAS IN March made it to our home in the Philippines – in time for Mama’s birthday – after traveling on Lufthansa for 6073 miles from Milazzo in Italy to Singapore, then for another 1475.83 miles on Philippine Airlines from Singapore to Manila.  All those thousands of miles and it had lost none of its charms.

Kuya Michele, my Italian big brother, has gifted me yet again with that star of the Italian Christmas Eve dinner – the panettone.  The first one I got from him traveled with me on utmost comfort on board a Singapore Airlines flight in early January.

This second one was treated no differently – even better I have to say.  Especially since it traces its provenance from Pasticceria Chantilly in Milazzo in the Province of Messina in Italy.  This pastry shop happens to be owned by Kuya Michele‘s brother (Donato) and sister-in-law (Donato’s wife).  Small– to medium–scale family–owned shops never fail to fascinate me and earn my patronage.  Usually, they are purveyors of specialty delicacies with quality that can make large commercial brands pale in comparison.


Pasticceria Chantilly Pastry Chef and Owner, Chef Donato. He is Kuya Michele’s brother!



The Master of the House behind some of his wonderful confections, almond biscotti and that beautiful cake!



Chef Donato and a couple of his signature panettone. I’m inclined to think that one of those was the one that eventually made it to me in Singapore. Then, the Philippines!



Biscotti and everything else delicious



Another side of the delicious display counter



Santa in chocolate!



Dark chocolate makes me want to sin. Happily.



Pristine white chocolate in various shapes, as well as tender truffles.



I think these are fruit tarts. Very colorful. They give new meaning to bursts of color and flavor!



I see this and all I can think of is, “Let them eat cake!”



I just love this duo of cakes at the counter. I’m thinking that the one on the left is a chocolate panettone all dressed up for the holidays. The other one is perfect for a kid’s birthday party. Could it be Jack and Jill? But I don’t see a pail of water. What about Hansel and Gretel? Hmmm… it doesn’t look like it.

Panettone Mandorla by Pasticceria Chantilly is top notch.  My family loved it so much that it was practically gone the moment it hit the table.  As expected from the eggs and butter in the batter, this cake was rich and fluffy.  “Mandorla” is Italian for almond.  And that’s the fragrant whiff that arrests your senses the moment you let one of these scrumptious confections free from the cellophane packaging.  Then you see the golden brown crust, glazed with sugar and dotted with toasted almonds that further underscore the delicious variety of panettone that just begs to be devoured, putting your sense of self-control to test.


Panettone Mandorla by Pasticceria Chantilly



A tight shot of this panettone mandorla’s yummy top. Golden brown. Glazed with sugar. Topped with almonds. Yum!



All the eggs and butter that go into the batter make for a rich, fluffy panettone!

Once again, thank you, Kuya Michele for this wonderful gift of an edible work of art.  And while I did greet you already, I want to greet you here again.  Happy BirthdayBuon Compleanno!


Brothers Michele and Donato



Kuya Michele came back to Singapore bearing panettone mandorla from Pasticceria Chantilly!



Noodles are for long life. BUON COMPLEANNO, Kuya Michele!



That’s all for now. Ciao!

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Kuya is back!

30 01 2013
Chantilly Milazzo Panettone 03

The ribbon on the cake announces the provenance of this one–of–a–kind Christmas cake – Chantilly in Milazzo!

I SPENT the most of December 2012 bidding friends farewell.  One was punctuated with the gift of panettone, the traditional Italian Christmas cake.  This confection, made rich and fluffy with eggs and butter, has come to be a reminder not only of the most joyous of seasons, but also of a really good friend – Kuya Michele.

Today, I received another panettone.  And this one traveled all of about 10,275 kilometers to find its way to my hands.  It comes from Chantilly in Milazzo, which I first wrote about here.  (Visit their site at

And just like that, Kuya Michele is back.

Chantilly Milazzo Panettone 01

I don’t speak an iota of Italian but reading everything on the box is like music to my ears.


Paolo Michele eNTeNG

Paolo, Kuya Michele, and eNTeNG

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Chantilly in Milazzo

22 11 2012

I HAVE the utmost respect for purveyors of good food.  I guess that’s why my admiration for Ms. Sonja L. Ocampo of Cupcakes by Sonja hasn’t waned through the years.  And her shop is always on my list of must-go-to places every time I find myself back home in the Philippines.

There is always a noble purpose, a deeper meaning when someone makes edible works of art.  Think Juliette Binoche as Vianne Rocher in that 2000 film Chocolat.

So when my new friend Michele, who just started reading my blog (yey!), told me about his brother and sister-in-law’s confectionery shop in Sicily, I just have to have a look–see.  The place is called Chantilly, the name alone evokes images of deliciousness in either one or all three incarnations – the city in France, the lace it inspired, or the cream, lightly whipped, sweetened just a touch.

We were talking earlier and I wondered if Chantilly delivers worldwide.  I’ve been bitten hard by the images of the gelato, the artisanal chocolate and the wedding cake with cascading roses in blue and white.  Visit their site at

Oh my, pastry really does make this world a better place.

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