The Dark Knight Rises – reviews in SMS

24 07 2012

Christian – You may have done it out of obligation. But I sure am so glad you did! (Clip from The Straits Times, Saturday, 02 June 2012)


THE DARK Knight Rises is easily the best superhero movie I have ever seen.

Not even front row, last-seat-along-the-aisle seating could take my concentration off of the screen.  Large nachos, a hotdog, and a liter of root beer did attempt to take full control of my synapses.  As did the sporadic manifestations of A-List, name-droppable actors that trigger “I know this guy!” moments.

But an outstanding movie cannot be reduced to the usual trip to watch images on celluloid.  The movie is brilliant, has a heart, and at a running time of 165 minutes, something I won’t mind seeing again.  And probably a third time.

My fave line?  “Do you think I care about what everybody in this room thinks about me?”  See, brilliant!

How my best friend, Batman, feels about the latest installment on his story. Hehe.


I’ve been told that my text messages are actually tweets – the “tweet longer” kind! Here’s the first portion of how I felt about the movie. Notice the number of recipients? I actually sent this out in five batches.


Part Two


Part Three


My colleague and friend Shuai got the blog “feel” of my text. Hehe.


A reply and a recommendation from Sonja, the original purveyor of really good, dare I say, “haute patisserie” cupcakes in Manila by way of “Cupcakes by Sonja” at the Serendra Piazza at the Bonifacio Global City..


The tickets have been reserved!


Arguably, one of the best – if not the best – movie experience I’ve had here in the Lion City.


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Today in magazines

17 01 2012

Two great covers – Christian Bale as The Dark Knight on Entertainment Weekly (20 January 2012 issue); and Michael Q (February 2012 issue).

BEST FRIEND Batman and I have our non-negotiables whenever we hang out at the malls in the Philippines.  We respect each other’s “Visita Iglesia” moments.  His at Astrovision, where he stocks up on original DVDs.  Mine at Chronos, Lucerne, or any wristwatch store, where I would almost always end up selling my soul to get whatever timepiece I was lusting after, on my wrist.  Powerbooks is our common ground.

Now that I’m here in Singapore, I’ve managed to keep that tradition even on my own.  Whenever at the malls, I would go to Powerbooks’s many incarnations here – Harris Planerds, Popular, Prologue, Page One, Times.

After dinner last night, I picked up British GQ, with Michael Fassbender on the cover, and Entertainment Weekly, with the cover story, “The Dark Knight Rises.”

I know Batman would approve of my Entertainment Weekly purchase.

Definitely a couple of good reads!


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