The best “heat and eat”

28 01 2013
The Farm Organics - Store 02

Finally, I have it in my hands – The Farm Organics Ready-to-Eat Roast Beef!

MY LAST vacation back home was totally devoted to staying home and catching up with my family.  The only things that I had managed to squeeze into this tight schedule was a trip to Bonifacio High Street and another to The Landmark Supermarket to pick up a few packs of The Farm Organics Ready-to-Eat Roast Beef.

I first read about this on Ms. Daphne Oseña Paez’s blog.  The combination of the photos and the words whet my appetite into overdrive that I just had to text one of my brothers to go get it and have it ready and waiting for me for when I would’ve finally come home.

The Farm Organics - Roast Beef 10 SMS

I read about The Farm Organics Ready-to-Eat Roast Beef on Ms. Daphne Oseña Paez’s blog and that very moment, I had to ask home to get it for me. Haha!


The Farm Organics - Store 00

The Farm Organics counter at The Landmark boasts a host of many products that include beef jerky…


The Farm Organics - Store 01

…and meats in various cuts for various purposes. What I wouldn’t give for pots and pans and stovetops at that very moment!

I got a text back that it was sold out, hoarded by “society’s doyennes” in time for New Year’s.  Haha!

So when I finally got home, I just had to have it.  They promised that the supply would be replenished by January, and it was.

It was everything I expected it to be – so flavorful and oh so tender!  With just a couple of slices, I finished one rice cooker’s worth of steamed white jasmine rice.

The Farm Organics is now on my own favorites list and I can’t wait to try my family recipes using their “free-range, no antibiotics, no added hormones” beef.

It’s another reason to get me excited to come home.

The Farm Organics - Roast Beef 00

My very first pack of The Farm Organics Ready-to-Eat Roast Beef! I was so excited for all the scrumptioud promises it holds!


The Farm Organics - Roast Beef 01

Each pack comes with mushroom gravy for free! On it are the really easy-to-follow instructions. I opted for the stove-top.


The Farm Organics - Roast Beef 02

As instructed, I places the roast beef slices neatly on a pan.


The Farm Organics - Roast Beef 06

Three to five minutes after, I have the most perfect meal of flavorful, tender beef slices, smothered in delicious mushroom gravy and served with perfectly cooked, steamed plump grains of white jasmine rice.


The Farm Organics - Roast Beef 09

I started with a modest portion of rice. But I ended up finishing one rice cooker’s worth. Haha!


The Farm Organics - Roast Beef 08

This has got to be one of the best meals I have had in years. The meat, aside from the flavor and the texture, had the best marbling, owing to its provenance. Organic. Free-range, No antibiotics. No added hormones. I shall recommend this to my best friends. Brother (Edu) and Mark are on the top of that list!


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Send for Sendong

23 12 2011

Text messages from new friends alerted me of what was happening back home. I felt like I was living under a rock. (Photo by TY, taken with my brand new SONY NEX-5D)

IT TOOK a text message from a new friend, a Malaysian, for me to realize that another typhoon had hit the Philippines.  And hit it real damn hard.

I heard your country was hit by a storm.  So sorry to know about this.  Is your house affected?

Glad to hear your home is alright.  But the storm, it’s quite depressing.  Take it positively, at least it reminds us not to take anything for granted and (learn to) appreciate.

The following morning, I bumped into another new friend, a Singaporean, and he too asked about how my family was doing.  He was quick to add though that, “the typhoon is in Mindanao.  You live in the north?”

Then he said something like, “I don’t know how to say this, but I’m glad your family is alright.”  I got what he meant.  It’s all about feeling grateful you were “spared” because it’s just unimaginable for all of those affected.  And it’s even more unimaginable to think of all those lives that were lost.

International efforts are still well on their way to help the victims of this natural disaster.  I hope we could all do our share.  Here’s a link to Ms. Daphne Oseña Paez’s post on UNICEF’s emergency appeal.

I want to say THANK YOU to all my Malaysian, Chinese, American, and Singaporean friends who did express their concern.  It means a lot.


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Celebrity moments while in SG

23 03 2011

Ion on Orchard at night

THE LONG escalator ride at Ion on Orchard allowed me just enough time to foist upon Friendship a pressing question I’ve had in mind, “Which Filipino celebrity will make you stop on your tracks (here in Singapore) and go full-on jologs – photos, autograph and all?”

The answer was exactly what I expected:  Kris Aquino.  It’s one of those things I share in common with Friendship.

But unlike Friendship, my list is quite longer.  Actually, unlike her, I have a list.  (I think her consideration stops at Kris Aquino.)

And by today, my eleventh day here, I’ve chalked up a couple of celebrity moments already.  I rarely use the expression “thrilled beyond words” because I do have my way with words.  But these couple of instances?  Words (almost) fail me.

The first one is actually not the photo op-and-autograph kind.  It happened by way of an e-Mail I sent.  March 15 marks the birthday of one of my most admired personalities, the Ms. Daphne Oseña Paez.  A few days later, I e-Mailed my belated greetings which were accompanied by a few photos I took especially for her.  I didn’t expect her to be thrilled enough to post it on her blog.  Now, I think I’m thrilled even more.

The second one happened at the Food Hall of Ion on Orchard.  Whenever I’m there for all the noodles my heart, soul and tummy can handle, the world around me melts into a series of chiaroscuros.  I couldn’t care less about the people I’m sharing breathing space with.  But as it is the case with personalities larger-than-life, their mere presence could permeate whatever force field my being immersed in my gastronomic adventure had surrounded me with.  Last Monday, for some reason, I had to lift my head up from being slumped into my huge bowl of beef noodle soup.  And within arm’s length was the force – the Maria Ressa!  I couldn’t help it that I had to stand up, disturb her peaceful meal, and introduce myself.  And oh, rave about her work and how much I’ve admired her.  She gave me her card.  Gosh, I’m so thrilled.

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The 80’s were like three decades ago*

9 02 2011

Finally... The Bird And The Bee's Hall & Oates revival album!

SOMETIMES IN our overeagerness to dispense of the latest news or the latest finds, our tongues slip and provide snippets of information – pieces of evidence enough to draw a conclusion – that we would’ve otherwise not spilled.

“Gosh, there’s this album I’ve been meaning to tell you about.  Here, to wish Giant Paulo all the best on his move abroad, I got him a copy, as well as a couple more for Iron Man and Green Lantern.  It’s a tribute album to Hall & Oates!  Arguably, the best album of covers that I’ve ever come across in years!”

“Boss, who is Hall & Oates?”

“What?!  You don’t know who they are?!”  I managed to snap back, short of screaming, “Are you telling me I’m that old?!”

The mention of “old” caused me to almost black out – think crimes of passion proportions – and I whipped out our Starbucks receipt and started to account how much to charge each for their drinks.  Sacrilege towards music icons and a callous indifference to the topic of age and age gaps will cost you!  Nobody would leave unscathed.  Hahaha!

Just kiddin’.  I guess that’s what you get – blank stares and sincere but insensitive “Who are they?” questions – when you choose to hang out with twenty-somethings.

The album that inadvertently trained the spotlight to my age is The Bird And The Bee’s Interpreting The Masters Volume I:  A Tribute To Daryl Hall and John Oates.  I first came across this duo (Inara George and Greg Kurstin) when they performed “I Can’t Go For That” on Ellen.  I love that song – I’m all about the lyrics! – so I made a mental note to get their album.  Then, I came across Jessica Zafra’s blog post about them, Finally, a Hall & Oates revival.”  Again, I made a note to look for it.  The final straw that got me off my butt to start to really look for it was when 2ndavenue used “Private Eyes” on their The Mentalist trailer.  “Private Eyes” is the favorite of mine, just a notch more than I like their signature “One On One”.

All Odyssey outlets have been out of copies.  And I had already given up.  But on the way to coffee from Giant Paulo’s farewell dinner, I passed by Astroplus and thought about just trying.  Asking wouldn’t hurt.  (Yes I know, Batman, that if only you could scream at me right now for not going to your fave store first!)

Astroplus still had stocks!  And I bought all three of them!  One for Giant Paulo who I know is such a music lover (I miss us singing KC Concepcion’s “Not Like The Movies” – I doing my best breathy vocals, you beatboxing.  Hahaha!).  One for Iron Man to pop into his player during those long drives.  One for Green Lantern, also a music lover, an eclectic one I may add, just because.

(*The title of this blog post was inspired by a retweet I read on Ms. Daphne Oseña Paez’s twitter account @DaphneOP.  I follow her.)

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