In shorts at the harbour

20 04 2011

Finally made it to Sentosa!


Sentosa, in white, by the boardwalk.

THE SUPERHERO texted that I didn’t have to rush.  The weather forecast said it was going to rain until early in the afternoon and moving our plans to right around 6:00 PM would just be perfect.  So after that Peri-Peri lunch at Nando’s I still had time for a quick trip back to my hotel on Scotts Road near Orchard, then a shower.

And a quick change – to one of my worn-out classic Ralph Lauren pique polo shirts and my plaid shorts.  (I could here Captain America from miles away giving my ensemble the dressing down.)

The ensemble – worn-out Ralph Lauren pique polo shirt, Bench plaid shorts, Sanük sandals, Philip Stein Signature Large wristwatch.

Green Lantern told me to get on the purple line train and alight at Harbour Front, then go to Vivo City where he would meet me up.  I love saying “purple line” because purple happens to be Friendship’s and Rizzie’s favorite color.  And I so love malls.  Anywhere I go, a mall is my idea of a great time.  I’d never get lost finding my way to one.

"To the left, to the left..." make it to the purple line!


I heart Vivo City

I’m unapologetic as a tourist.  I love to go on binges and would map out a plan around restaurant targets.  Sometimes, I’d channel The Tourist and with a pout would tell the waiter, “The scampi in champagne risotto please.”  Sometimes, my friends would distance themselves from me because the cam whore that I am would take photos of just about anything.  But beyond the food and the shops, I’d rarely go to see “the sights.”  As I’ve intimated above, the mall is my kind of trip.

But Green Lantern offering to take me around Sentosa in Singapore was too good of an offer to pass up.

Sitting on the dock of the bay...


...passing time.

We were able to catch up on each other’s goings on, walking around the island resort.  It was quiet time with one of my best friends who finally had time outside his 15– to 16–hour workdays.  We just walked and walked.  The two-kilometer stretch of the sheltered beach was a good place to start.  Then we made it to Resorts World and Universal Studios – but I didn’t feel the need to go inside.

So many street signs. But the first one I noticed? Food & Beverage. Ha!


This way to Universal Studios


I told my friend Michael Fisher that he has a hotel in Sentosa!


Another sign to lead me to the right path... to Food & Beverage!


Sentosa Visitor Centre


Singapore Seafood Republic


In front of the world famous Universal Studios globe. Clearly, Im not in MOA anymore. Hahaha!


Universal Studios globe


I liked this shot so much that I ended up using it as my photo for the essay I wrote for a coffee table book were publishing soon.


I didnt get to take note of the artists name. This merlion is one of his many works, scattered as "public art" all throughout the island resort. Theyre nice!


Lake of Dreams... At night it turns to a beautiful, breath-taking sea of blue.


See what I mean?


The Lake of Dreams is quite a view in the evening!


These steps lead down to the Lake of Dreams. Viewed from the top, the slope seemed steep, enough to make me tell Green Lantern that I felt we were going down the side of a pyramid.


The Thinker


I loved everything about this hallway, especially the wood treatment.


"Adam & Eve," sculpture by Fernando Botero, Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore.


I really loved loved L-O-V-E-D these colorful lanterns that hang from the ceiling of Resorts World Sentosa, Singapore!


eNTeNG and the colorful lanterns... or are they chandeliers?


Can you pose with all the colors of the... ceiling? Yes. Me, my chin and I!


Like many others in Singapore, this mall hall is paved in luxury!


Blue happens to be Green Lanterns lucky color.


And green happens to be his favorite. Hence his superhero name!

We were able to squeeze in a little shopping for presents for our loved ones – he was pleasantly surprised to make a serendipitous find, Victoria’s Secret, for his mom whose birthday was coming up – and the best of all, he let me take my sweet time going over fine Swiss timepieces.  Sir, may I interest you on the Ballon Bleu de Cartier?

This day at Sentosa put my Singapore checklist in good shape.  But it wasn’t just a tick mark I put beside it.  It was a tick mark and a note, “must go back to.”

I glanced at Green Lantern’s huge TW Steel wristwatch and knew we had to grab a bite.  He was fancying good Western cuisine.  We went back toVivoCity and I let him decide on the place.

Thanks, Green Lantern.  And thanks for bringing your brand new, couple-of-days-old Canon IXUS 220 HS to take all the amazing photos!

It's time to go grab something to bite!


Got a lot of these shirts at Vivo City. Yes, I heart SG!


We walked through this play of lights on our way out of Sentosa.


Green Lantern, thanks a lot for the tour!


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