My new best friend

8 04 2010

SOMEBODY TOLD me that when a relationship becomes painful and joyless, it’s time to go and save yourself.  For you can find another lover, but never another self.

I’m not referring to a “relationship” relationship.  But I like the way you think!

I first spoke about this change, here.  And lately, more than ever, I realize that the change has finally come.  I’m now so taken to tea, and in the process, have sort of abandoned coffee.

I’ve been partial to Twinings Camomile, which I take with a couple of honey dipper’s worth of Cems Prime Brand Honey.

Twinings Camomile Tea and Honey!

But for the past couple of days, it’s been all about the Organic Lemongrass Syrup from Geo Farm that B2 gifted me with from his vacation at the Summer Capital.  A couple of teaspoons of this deep dark amber syrup streamed into scalding, steeping Lipton tea appeases my deep longing and desire for Café Bola’s lemongrass tea.

My new love – hot tea with Organic Lemongrass Syrup!

Even in this unforgiving summer heat, I quench my thirst with this hot cup of tea.  Each sip just melts all my worries away, calms me down, and tells me I may not need to look back to what I’ve left behind.  Just maybe.

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