The Soup Kitchen in Glorietta 5

9 04 2009

The very nice interiors of The Soup Kitchen at its new home in the new Glorietta 5.


ONE REASON I have kept coming back to the newly opened Glorietta 5 is because I have been craving for my favorite soup from – wherelse?! – The Soup Kitchen.  The first time I was there, the first level security guard politely told me that it (The Soup Kitchen) was still closed.  I took a moment’s pause as I gathered back my composure that got shaken by the unequivocal conviction with which he told me, “Sir, still closed.  Second level po yun.  Dun!”  Borrowing the signature pouting of a very Zoolander male model, he punctuated his sentence with the pursing of his lips towards the direction of panels of wood and tarpaulin that said something like “soon to open…”  I sort of got amused with this seemingly crafty (in a good way) guard that I quizzed him to no end about the many stores.  Pleasantly surprising, he knew everything about this new shopping and dining hub that is Glorietta 5.  So, mad props to the guy!


Returning a couple of weeks later, on the evening of the 9th of March, I found myself finally comfortably seated at the well-appointed The Soup Kitchen.  First thing that jumped right off to me was how much more spacious and better lit this new outlet was, compared to its Glorietta 1 predecessor.  I instantly took a mental note that I would definitely keep coming back to The Soup Kitchen to take my early evening light dinners when I do my weekly “special” Monday night grocery shopping.


My favorite Hearty Vegetable Soup... and yes, the Pepper Mill!


Unike other patrons who request to sample each and every soup offering at the store (which the staff politely and so graciously offer), I’ve stuck to just one – the Hearty Vegetable – which to me was more like their own version of the classic Minestrone.  Minestrone, after all, is soup made from a variety of vegetables, with lots of tomatoes and flavored with generous dashes of Italian seasoning (think rosemary, thyme, basil, etc.).  I love how they make their Hearty Vegetable Soup.  They always serve it piping hot (not quite but almost boiling!).  And it has always been chockful with chunks of fresh vegetables – cubes of golden potatoes, diced tomatoes, Spanish onions, and celery stalks.  As I would always like my soup “hot and spicy,” I asked for ground (white) pepper.  The staff went a notch higher by offering me the pepper mill instead!  Now that was something!  You see, one thing I like about cooking is the chance to freshly crack pepper over my dish.  There’s something about cranking the head of a pepper mill that feels chef-like to me.  The sight of a dusting of pepper that just got crushed through the mill, on the surface of my soup, fills my soul.  Weird?!  To accompany my soup, quite overkill, I would always ask for a cup of their really Hot Chocolate for my drink!


Obviously, this is The Soup Kitchen's Hot Chocolate. Frothy!


I usually ask for my soup to come with warmed Cheese Bread (more like a semolina bun!).  But that night, for the first time, I asked for half of their Crabstick Sandwich.  And was I in for a pleasant surprise!  I devoured the sandwich and struggled if I would ask for another half (bummer that I asked for just half!).  Hahaha!  The grainy wheat bread was moist and preserved well by the saran wrap.  The mangoes were fresh, soft and sweet, providing the perfect counterpoint to the mayonnaise (taste-wise) and the sole crisp lettuce leaf (texture-wise).  But the star of the sandwich was the crabstick!  And I know my crabstick.  I would even buy frozen packs for when I feel like making myself my own “kani” sashimi or sushi at home.  The ones The Soup Kitchen used were topnotch.  The flakiness was as close to real crab meat as crabsticks could get.  The red stain was not off-putting.  And most importantly, the flavor was just how a tub of freshly picked Maine crabmeat would taste – sweet with the slightest hint of saltwater.


The Soup Kitchen's Crabstick Sandwich (half). Worth coming back for!



Doesn't this crabstick sandwich want you to just lick it?



...and bite it?!


Three things new and exciting in Makati

9 03 2009

JUST WHEN I thought the Makati commercial center – the duo that is Glorietta and Greenbelt complex – has plateaud, I realize I couldn’t be any more wrong.


I’ve been meaning to write down here the three things that have lately really aroused my curiosity about Makati.  It’s only now that I got down to it.


And surely, with a consumer like me whose curiosity has been piqued – and more importantly, whose feelings lend itself vulnerable to parting with hard-earned funds (only when it feels right!) – retailing stays alive in the midst of (drum roll please…) the recession.





Right across SM (and Hotel Inter-Continental Manila) is the brand new glorietta 5.  I would consider it to still be on its soft opening stage.  But suffice it to say, just like the other Glorietta “installments” before it, Glorietta 5 is brimming with promise.  And the fact that it is a stand-alone one, a bulding all its own, only means to me that it could take a greater liberty with its store line-up and any other offerings.  The first store alone, the one to the right of the entrance I went in, is Alexis Jewelers.  And through the years, I’ve had great experiences getting timepieces from this store.  I roamed around the premises and I couldn’t help but feel giddy as a kid as I pointed at soon-to-open stores that have already made me swear to keep coming back.  I actually went there to have my regular “Hearty Vegetable Soup” fix at The Soup Kitchen.  Unfortunately, it is one of those soon-to-open stores.  I think there was a show later in that day as people were busy setting up a stage and doing sound checks.


Getting my fix of “HOT KRISPY KREME ORIGINAL GLAZED NOW” used to really feel like a chore.  My options then were very limited.


The one in MOA (such a chore to go to!).

The one in Megamall (such a chore to go to!…  but not when I’m meeting up with Batman!).

The one at Bonifacio High Street (okay, not really a chore…  but when I’m there, Cupcakes By Sonja wins!).


So I had to thank my lucky stars the very first moment I noticed that KRISPY KREME DOUGHNUTS & COFFEE finally opened a branch in Glorietta 4!  I was so ecstatic that I ended up hoarding boxes upon boxes.  Of course I got one each for Spider-man and Superman!



And rounding up my trio of new must-go-to places is – of course – ROYCE in Greenbelt 5!  I know such chocoholics who have been rejoicing over this good – no – make that, great news!  And, as I had said in a previous post, ROYCE’ chocolates will make for a really thoughtful gift to any serious foodie you know.  And depending on just how important this person is, one box may not be enough!  Whenever I see the Royce’ store – whenever I go there – I am always reminded of some of my closest friends.  Friendship – because she was the first one to introduce me to Royce’.  Partner – because she has always brought me boxes (and more boxes) of Royce’ whenever she vacations from Singapore.  Spider-man – because eventhough he has cut chocolates from his diet, he is willing to allow a little room for Royce’.  Batman – because I have been meaning to buy him some!  And of course, Superman – because he is such a chocolate lover (though it doesn’t show) and is such a very appreciative person!