Happy birthday, Trisha!

12 05 2013

SOME OF the best people I’ve ever met in my life I met and became friends with in the States 10 years ago.  Thanks to all that technology affords us now, meeting in person seems to have become not a necessity anymore.  Well, until you find out that you would be spending some “real” face time and you realize that nothing beats seeing these great friends once again.  What did that song say?  Oh, “ain’t nothin’ like the real thing.”

2013_Singapore 002

eNTeNG and his good good friend Mama Trisha, Singapore, 2013

I was in the States to work on a project.  And as with most projects in my line of work, it was highly matrixed, highly collaborative, and highly integrative.  That’s where I first met Trisha in person.  I emphasize “in person” because prior that, I have known her by her name – one which has long been synonymous with leadership in her team.

2013_Singapore 001

I accompanied Trisha to get a new compact digital camera. She lost the one she brought with her.


2013_Singapore 012

There’s no doubt where I later brought Trisha for our version of a “walking” tour of the city. I told her that my version has only my favorite places. Hahaha! Side note, don’t you just love that sculpture of a candy wrapped in the colors of the Singaporean flag? (Actually, the Singapore flag!)



On the day of the team lunch in honor of Trisha, I chose to wear my shirt that has the colors of the American flag. Also in the photo is Kuya Mike.

Like Alka-seltzer you dissolve in water to give an effervescent solution, Trisha is the kind of colleague who can neutralize highly stressful personalities and situations with her bubbly personality and her witticisms.  And meeting her once again – in of all places, the Lion City – just proved a couple of points.  The years have been kind to her.  And she has lost none of her charms – the very same things that led me and my Filipino colleagues to lovingly refer to her as “Mama Trisha.”  (Fortunately for us, Trisha was one of two “Mamas” we found in California.)

And true to her natural nourishing nature, she is quite the home cook and baker.  Her banana nut bread was the stuff my Folsom years were made of.  I would slather lots of butter on slices she would send my way.  The notes that would accompany the food she shared are still with me.  I would read them when I need reminding of good times.

Thursday, the 9th of May, was her birthday.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TRISHA!


As you may well know, it’s been my tradition to send my friends off at the airport. Trisha’s flight out was quite early. But as promised, I was at the lobby of the hotel by 4:00 AM.



Trisha at Changi Airport. I hope to see you again soon!

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To the flagship!

12 02 2013

On my first visit to the Philip Stein Singapore Flagship Store on the third level, ION Orchard, Singapore.

AT 84 SQM. it is the biggest of its kind in Asia.  The Philip Stein Flagship Store that opened on the third level of ION Orchard in late January 2013 proves that sometimes, size does matter.

I paid it a visit for the first time in early February and marveled at the extent of merchandise on offer.  It is the flagship after all.  Framed by the entrance and bathed in warm lights, the vitrine that houses the brand’s automatic timepieces lured me in.  I quickly inspected the lineup, in search of the then “very first and only one of its kind” automatic movement Philip Stein that I had purchased from The Hour Glass at Takashimaya over a year ago.


Wearing the then “first ever and one and only” automatic movement Philip Stein in Singapore, purchased at The Hour Glass, Takashimaya, Orchard Road, Singapore.



The Entrance, Philip Stein Flagship Store, ION Orchard, Singapore



The vitrine of automatic movement timepieces

I found it.  But my attention was soon snatched by this handsome beauty that is the All–Titanium Chronograph (13TI–WCG–TSS) from the Prestige Collection.  I held it in my hand and was right there and then ready to plead guilty to the charge of lust.  And David Guetta and Sia starting to play incessantly in my head didn’t help to appease the brewing, simmering passion for the tick-tocker that had since stapped itself on to my left wrist.


The All–Titanium Chronograph (13TI–WCG–TSS) from the Prestige Collection



The titanium timepiece is humongous beside my Signature Large!



The thing about titanium timepieces is that even with their heft, they are surprisingly lightweight!

While I waited for my beating heart to be still, I glanced around me and found that the store offers the brands other well-being products, like the sleep bracelet and the wine wand.  And to my right, it didn’t escape me that they have expanded to include more jewelry pieces.


I just had to admire this beauty against the backdrop of Philip Stein’s new jewelry line.



If you look closely, you shall see that the automatic timepieces boast Swiss Made movements!



On my second visit to the store



Philip Stein has excellent customer service! I feel like a special guest at someone’s house.



Their paper bag is in pristine white.



Which is a sharp contrast to the Hublot paper bag!

I initially went there to have a couple of wristwatches serviced.  (Their customer service has always been excellent, even in the Philippines where I purchased the very first one I’ve ever owned.)  But I ended up leaving with a holistic experience that can only come from the promise of an overall ENHANCED QUALITY OF LIFE – something that has been shared with my family and with some of my closest friends who I have influenced to give Philip Stein a try.


Two Philip Stein Signature Large timepieces


Meaningful Wristwatches - Philip Stein 00

The very first Philip Stein I ever did buy!


Meaningful Wristwatches - Philip Stein & Technomarine 00

“Arms raised in a V!” – a Philip Stein and a Technomarine!


Wristwatches - Philip Stein & TW Steel 00

“Ebony and ivory, live together in perfect harmony…” – a Philip Stein and a TW Steel!


Adora - Philip Stein Signature Black Rubber Strap 09

Green with envy – a Philip Stein and a Nixon.


Wristwatches - Philip Stein & Morellato 00

One from Italia, one from Chicago – a Philip Stein and a Morellato!


Wristwatches - Philip Stein Morellato

Three time zones on my wrist. Or are they? One for the Philippines, one for Singapore, and one for Shanghai.


Philip Stein 2GCBSS 01

One Signature Large ready to be packed to go!


Philip Stein - Oversized Signature Chrono 02

An Oversized Signature Chronograph. This one is Brother’s.


Philip Stein - Yellow Lizard Strap 00

Philip Stein has a unique quick strap release mechanism that allows for the immediate interchangeability of straps without the need for any tools.


Philip Stein - Oversized Signature Chrono 03

Mine and Brother’s



The Limited Edition Oprah 25th Anniversary Wristwatch!


Philip Stein 01

The Oprah and the eNTeNG on our coffee table with the stone inlay.


Wristwatch - Philip Stein + Yellow Bracelet 02

Worn with a yellow string bracelet


Tagaytay Weekend - Philip Stein 02

Worn with a stainless steel bracelet


Stave Philip Stein Rubber Strap - Adora & eNTeNG 00

In the Philippines, one of the authorized agents for Philip Stein is Adora in Greenbelt 5. I’ve bought a number of straps from them.


SQ - Wristwatches 00

My Signature Large has the Art Deco feel that I’ve always loved. It’s right at home with my Tissot Heritage Prince I’s.


Philip Stein Signature Large IMG_4080

I purchased the stainless steel bracelet separately for when I want to go with an all-metal look.

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A couple of wristwatch events and a reminder on what is precious

24 09 2012

“H” marks the spot. This huge logo hung from the ceiling of the Main Atrium, Paragon Mall, Orchard Road.

I GOT invited to a couple of wristwatch events this September.  The first one was to the soft opening of a brand new wristwatch store.  The second one was to the opening of a renowned brand’s first ever pop–up store in the world.

Just some invitations


I’ve gotten three pieces from The Hour Glass at Takashimaya. And from time to time, I hear from them.


So happy to get this invitation!


A close-up of the pretty invite


The flip side has details of the event.

Given that work has been crazy – crazy good, I have to say – I have totally dismissed any chance for me to make it to any of these two events.

I totally missed the first one.  The brand traces its provenance from the United States (if I remember it correctly) and the owner decided to bring it here to the Lion City.  I’ve seen the wristwatch up close on the owner’s wrist – he is, after all, his brand’s ultimate walking advertisement.  For me it sums up the three B’s I look for in something that tick-tocks – big, bold, and beautiful.

I was ready to miss the second one altogether.  But with the resolve of someone who has to beat the incessant teasing of a ticking biological clock, I suddenly found myself making the time to the event mere minutes before it would have closed.

HUBLOT presents BIG BANG, HUBLOT’s first ever pop–up store in the world, celebrating the Essence of Art & Fusion, at the Main Atrium, Paragon Mall, Orchard Road.  The event was presented by The Hour Glass.

I was running late. Since I didn’t have time to go to the restroom, I just made a quick check of my reflection on the mirrored wall of Coach. It has served this purpose perfectly well all the time. Haha! It’s just my hair I fuss about.


The event is right smack in the center of the mall, yet it exudes elegance. It’s the subdued hues, and of course, the timepieces themselves!


I loved this “celing” treatment. It competed with the watches for my attention. I just loved looking up. Haha!


I just had to take a snap of the decor. The photo doesn’t do justice to how these folded gray art paper looked stunning in person.




The Essence of Art & Fusion

Nothing says aspirational quite like ogling at the one–and–only 5–million–dollar Big Bang, covered all over in top quality diamonds.  It felt like hundreds – no, thousands – of engagement rings slammed on to a chunky timepiece.  I wouldn’t be able to afford it.  Haha!  For me, the concept of luxury starts with the words, “entry level.”  Haha!

It is quite ironic that lately when I seem to have been losing track of time, I get a couple of reminders that nothing is more precious than time.  I gave the price tag of the limited edition Big Bang a glance back and a long stare.  All I can say is I couldn’t agree more.

A paper bag on the purple line.


I like the attention to details. Even the paper bag handles are engraved with the theme.


I think this paper bag would look great in all calf leather. Then I would be able to use it to no end!


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