Joseph Schmidt Confections® Chocolate Carrot Box

12 04 2009


I PRACTICALLY do not throw away anything.


My six-year old JOSEPH SCHMIDT CONFECTIONS® Chocolate Carrot Box!


But at least I try.  Hahaha!  You see, this week-long break almost afforded me the opportunity to edit whatever remains of my humble collections.  But then again, with a lot of things on my mind (“YOU are always on my mind…”), I didn’t get to throw anything away.


But that is not saying that I didn’t get to go through stuff.  Because, I did.


I opened the box and found inside the pretty yellow ribbon it originally came tied with.


And I was so surprised to see again this very special chocolate box – the JOSEPH SCHMIDT CONFECTIONS® Chocolate Carrot Box!  I bought three of these at BORDERS Books, Music & Café on East Bidwell Street in Folsom, California on Easter Sunday, 2003.  That’s six years ago!


I got this for $14.99 each! Good thing it was exempted from the California state tax (a whopping 7.75%)!



In good company – the JOSEPH SCHMIDT CONFECTIONS® Chocolate Carrot Box among other boxes 🙂


Holding this exquisite (and obviously quite sturdy) fancy chocolate box in my hand, I saw flashing scenes of that day when these caught my eye on the display near the cashiers.  For some reason, I was really sad that day (probably homesick) and I wasn’t really speaking with anybody.  I left most of my friends shooting hoops at the apartment complex.  Somehow, this handcrafted carrot box cheered me up.  As you can see from the receipt (see, I keep everything!), I actually got three.


My official receipt for getting three of these JOSEPH SCHMIDT CONFECTIONS® Chocolate Carrot Boxes. $44.97 in all.


This is what the accompanying card says:


“Joseph Schmidt offers you the tiniest of his truffles – petit morsels of rich Belgian chocolate surrounding velvety truffle filling made with fresh cream.  Perfect size to offer after dinner.


These petit truffles are packaged in a beautiful handcrafted carrot box with the following chocolates:


14 Petit Truffles

7 White – Double Latté filling

7 Dark – All Dark filling”



That little card says it all! The box held petit morsels of rich Belgian chocolate surrounding velvety truffle filling made with fresh cream.


I had gone to and taken my picture at the JOSEPH SCHMIDT CONFECTIONS® flagship store in SanFo.  Too bad, I had lost all ~8GB’s worth of travel pictures to a hard disk crash.  Yeah, I hear what you may be saying now, “BACKUP!”


Have I had everything on print, they would have had a better chance of survival…  much like this pretty carrot box!  Hahaha!