Review in SMS – Skyfall

19 11 2012

The “Kick Start” issue of Esquire Singapore chose wisely to put Daniel Craig on its cover. I couldn’t think of any better celebirty to put on the cover of this international magazine’s Lion City premiere. On my Blackberry is one of a number of responses to my “Reviews in SMS”.

LIKE THE fabulous Scotch that had to be wasted, BOND is celebrating 50 years.  A lot of the vintage Bond films, I had seen as a kid but never one with Daniel Craig as 007.

Skyfall” opens with the hallmark of any Bond film – the big musical number, a feature on its own, buoyed by the voice of the generation.  This time it’s Adele.  Then a big car chase–fight scene bursts onscreen, squashing any doubt of how fitting Daniel Craig is as the world’s most famous secret agent.

I may not have seen the first two, but in Skyfall, it only took the time between Bond’s descent to his death to his resurrection in the arms of a lover, for me to see why he is now on his third outing.  His is the perfect mix of cool, cunning, and smug.

Age is the recurring theme, explicit or disguised in the witticisms or “that” poem, and coming full circle – back “home”.  It gave Bond heart, and the reason to shed some tears.

Javier Bardem was scary, his platinum blond scarier.  Judi Dench was marvelous.  And it was nice to see Ralph Fiennes.  The shot of Shanghai?  Breathtaking.





The skyline of Shanghai has been on at least a couple of the most successful movie franchises of all time – Mission Impossible, and now, James Bond. I heart Shanghai.


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