Bowling for Kebab

25 09 2011

The bowling carnival was all about fun. Brenda was part of Team "I'm Bob"!

WHAT KIND of friend am I if not to cheer my closest friends on as they pursue their own passions or reach for their dreams?  Or just like yesterday, throw some ball.  And in the case of Brenda, a seven-pound orange bowling ball.

When I actually learned that Brenda was participating in our company’s annual Bowling Carnival, I just had to free up my Friday night and Saturday morning to be able to get up and make it to the meeting point at 7:30 AM.  I found it funny that I ended up forgetting to enable my four alarms – yes, four! – to go blaring on a Saturday morning.  They happen to all be set on “weekdays” mode only.

But that’s the thing when something has been preoccupying your head for days, your body will tell you something’s up.  So I made it, though five minutes late, and off we went to Marine Bowl at the Marine Cove, East Coast Park.  I just find the ride through KPE (the Kallang–Paya Lebar Expressway) kind of soothing.  I could hear Maroon 5’s “Sunday Morning” playing in my head.

Approaching KPE...


We're in!


Nearing the final turn...

The day started with registration and breakfast.  Since Brenda’s hubby, Darryl, wasn’t playing as well (he did the weekend prior), we stuck with each other and lined up at the counter.  I’m not a McDonald’s regular, and this was my first meal in the global food outlet, ever since I got here.  Not having any favorites at all, I settled for the Sausage McGriddle with Egg, served with a hash brown and coffee.  I was so surprised that I liked it.  A sausage patty, a sunny side up, doused in melted cheese, in between two pancakes – what’s not to love?  It felt so Southern (American) comfort food to start the morning – sausage and waffles with maple syrup.  Yum!

A breakfast sandwich, coffee and a hash brown.


Not exactly what I would have for breakfast, but was I so glad to have asked for it!


Simply delicious!


As if anybody needed any reminder he or she was in McDonald's!

When my Mama learned that I was cheering Brenda on, she had to dole out a wise piece of motherly advice – “don’t shout or scream too loud and too much,” to keep my Achilles’ heel, tonsillitis, at bay.  Good thing that the refreshment kiosk at the bowling alley offers “ginger water,” scalding hot.  At SG$ 1.30 a pop, not bad at all.  It’s Sunday morning and I don’t feel even a slight scratch behind my throat.  Haha!

Alvin, Darryl & Brenda, and Melisse


Brenda, the orange ball, and a spare!


Two of my favorite people – Darryl and Brenda.


Melisse and her Staff is "Team One Thousand."


Team "I'm Bob" is Brenda and her colleagues that include Alvin and "Bob" himself.

Brenda wowed the cheerer in me with a four bagger, making me scream at the top of my lungs.  But the ultimate treat of the day turned out to be lunch.  Right across the Marine Bowl was the Marine Cove, a stretch of quirky shops and restaurants.  We surveyed the length that our starving tummies allowed, before turning back for the Kebab Station.  It was Brenda’s choice and when it comes to food, I totally trust her.  Her roasted chicken with cumin and oranges left an indelible imprint on my mind.

From the Kebab Station’s wide selection, I gravitated towards the Kofta, with the faintest of idea what it was.  The generous scattering of tomato wedges on the photo did it for me.  And at the counter, upon placing my order, I just had to quip, “Extra tomatoes please?”

Beef Kofta, The Kebab Station, The Marine Cove, East Coast Park, Singapore

The chef was just so glad to oblige and the very amiable staff proudly announced the advent of my request, “Beef kofta with extra tomatoes.”  Like a kid in school wanting to earn a star at recitation, I just had to raise my hand.

The chef at the Kebab Station was so cool!


I was that that's lamb on the left and beef on the right. The chef thinly slices from this rack and collects the sliced meat from the pan and makes the food to order.

Kofta turned out to be this traditional Middle Eastern meatball (or meatloaf) made from either beef (like what I had) or lamb, infused with spices.  The dish came with fragrant rice, a mound of crisp iceberg lettuce leaves, wedges of pita bread, and in my case, lots of tomatoes.  A couple of dressings were drizzled on to the plate – a garlic aioli and I think, tomato ketchup.

Melisse succinctly summed up the meal – delicious and authentic!

A kofta with a wedge of tomato


Lots of extra tomato wedges!


A wedge of pita bread


Couldn't help but love this kofta!


A wedge of pita bread cozying up with a kofta. Nice!


Lunch buddies all! Me, Bob, Alvin, Melisse, Brenda, and Darryl.


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