Making someone happy

2 11 2011

I can't look at this photo and not think of "Breakfast at Tiffany's"...

ONE OF Brother’s longest-running jokes about me is about how well I was able to save up when I was on assignment in the States for a year and a half, more than half of which we spent sharing the same country code (not the “63”).  Everything in that sentence seems right.  Except when you get to know which “banks” he is referring to – Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Coach, Armani.  You get the picture.

Old habits die hard.  Old habits are hard to break.  But I guess this time, I’m adding a little bit to whatever altruism there is in this world.  I’ve really started to stop thinking of myself and get nice stuff for the people I love.

November 1st officially marked my fourth month here in Singapore.  And I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to go back home – even for just the weekends on all occasions except the last one – for three times now.  Each of those was more exciting that the one before it.

And each was a chance to get something wonderful to make someone happy.



This is nice packaging.


Tiffany and Coach


Why so blue? Hehehe...


I just love how my trusty, three-year-old Canon IXUS 860IS captured this box.


I think it takes special skills to be a Tiffany's associate. I knew I wouldn't be able to recreate the way this ribbon was tied.


Cath Kidston


I espy another Le Pliage inside.


The ribbon is a nice touch.


Small leather goods from Louis Vuitton...


...and then some.



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Something French for Mama

30 03 2011

Le Pliage by Longchamp from the New Collection, S/S 2011

AT THE top of my pasalubong list is a nice bag for my mother.  If I’d fill out a form to describe her, I’d probably tick both “shoe fiend” and “bag addict”.  Not that she is sheer materialistic.  She has actually always been sensible with her stuff.  And when we were growing up, she would indulge herself quite sparingly.

On Orchard Road, there are many names to tempt shoppers.  The more French-sounding, or the more Italian, the more they seem to be expensive and over my budget.  I told Louis, Coco, Salvatore, and Gucci that I would have to wait a few more months before we could get down to business.

But I didn’t also want to settle for the usual Singapore souvenir (think keychains) so I went for sensible luxury.  And I found it with Longchamp.  And since this recent trip, I’ve been saying it just how it is intended in French.  Hahaha!

The Le Pliage handbag by Longchamp has got to be one of the most successful handbag lines worldwide.  It’s made with polyamide fabric, lined on the inside with a protective coating.  The leather trims – the handles, the flap, and the zipper ends – are in cowhide.  To make the purchase more special, I picked from Longchamp’s new collection, debuted on Paragon’s and Ion’s displays just a few days before my arrival.

Meet my mother’s new baby, a beauty inside and out – her embroidered, navy blue, 8¼x8¼x5½ inch Le Pliage by Longchamp!

The lady toting Mama's new handbag has got to be the nicest and most pleasant sales associate I met in Singapore!


She's quite pretty too. I think i startled her when she turned and realized I was taking a shot.




The bag was actually first put in a nice sleeve before being put in the shopping bag.


The sleeve comes with a nice ribbon.


The Longchamp has landed!


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