The joys of Royce’

3 03 2009



nakikita ko yung stall nila sa greenbelt5.”  (I see their stall in Greenbelt 5.)


With that line yesterday, Superman beat me to the punch!  I was so excited – gushing even – when I was sharing with him the news that Royce’ has finally opened a kiosk at the posh-and-happening Greenbelt 5 mall!  It kinda put my excitement to a screeching halt.  It sort of put a damper on my “flash report.”  But it is Superman we’re talking about here…  so I don’t mind the damper at all.  Hahaha!


The kiosk, which sort of serves as the “stateline”  between Greenbelt 1 and Greenbelt 5, is located right beside Adora.  And this outlet – the first of its kind from when the Rockwell flagship store opened – is so much more convenient and accessible!


So definitely, I finally paid the store a visit, and short of hoarded everything I could get my hands on.  And to say a huge THANK YOU to Superman who technically clued me in on where exactly the store is located, I threw in a couple of items in my loot.  I got him a box each of the NAMA CHOCOLATE CHAMPANGE PIERRE MIGNON and Pure Chocolate (Venezuela Bitter and Ghana Sweet).





From the photos you shall see that Royce’ has such beautiful paper bags.  And since some would be gifts, they packed them well, accenting the bag with their signature gold sticker and their very own gold ribbon.  Nice touch, right?!  And yes, they do meticulously pack the nama chocolate with the ice gel packs and insulating inner wrap.


Fabulous!  And…  yummy of course!